Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tour Stop 1: Chicago!

(Hello from Detroit! It's way too late to be up doing this since I have a 6 am pickup in the morning, but I am officially behind now, so quickly!)

Here's "toy Clementine" on the airplane.

Oh, this is so hurried. I sleeeepy. Plus I'm using this little tiny notebook computer I just got for traveling (on account of my Macbook is too big for tray tables!! And also heavy. And I don't *really* know how to use this little toy, it's cute but I'm so slooow.)

Anyway, in a nutshell: first days have been WONDERFUL! I feel so incredibly spoiled by my publisher, and so so lucky. And thank you Chicago-area-ans (and folks who drove for as much as three hours from neighboring states!!!) for a wonderful kick-off! I was in the Chicago area for two days and evenings, which encompassed four school visits and two bookstore events, and I met blog friends I hadn't ever met in person, and met new wonderful readers, and got to talk to real-live teenagers, which is always exciting and a little terrifying. But not so terrifying after all. The school visits were fun!

Thank you especially to West Chicago High School for the awesome. I was greeted upon arrival by a bulletin board depicting the teachers with pink hair!

This was not an homage to ME, but to the breast cancer cure. But I still felt right at home :-)

I don't have a ton of pictures, though Lisa, my wonderful publicist, took some.
I just don't have most of them yet!

Next up: bookstores!
At Barnes & Noble, this lovely bookseller donned a Karou wig for the occasion:

Clementine was in attendance:

(I need a toy Jim! Action figure maybe?)

Look! My first ever stand-alone book display. I love seeing these so much!

I haven't managed to upload photos from Anderson's Books yet,
where I was the next night, but that was a wonderful group!

Oh man, bed time. This is so slapdash and random, and missing so much, but here is a room service picture.  The life :-) (There is a hamburger in there, no fries; fruit instead. And a lovely vampire book on the side:-)


Have been very spoiled with excellent meals, salmon like butter, an amazing portobello mushroom at a restaurant in Naperville called the Sugar Toad (YUM).
This evening, I bought apples at Whole Foods; have been craving them!
Oatmeal is the official breakfast of this tour,
on days when there's time for breakfast at the hotel.

And Lisa: such good company.
Sadly, tomorrow we part ways and she gets to go home to New York.

Thank you, Lisa!

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... (just fell asleep on the keyboard ...)

Next time! Maybe a better post!



storyqueen said...

Love the tiny Clementine!

Glad your tour is off to a great start. Your book finally came in the mail yesterday and I am excited to crack it open this weekend!


Lyra said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you. You asked for my blog address so here it is:

I hope that's okay to leave it here. I figured you wouldn't mind since today it's all about you!

Best wishes on the rest of your tour and may you get home quickly to your beautiful family.

KarenC said...

Have a wonderful time. The first tour never comes again. I have one piece of hard-learned advice for you: you can say no.

Love, Chelsea said...

Yay for tour! Your hair looks great! ;) It is so fun to see your book in stores after hearing about it for so long in stores! I am excited for your tour stop over here in my neck of the woods!

persnickety_jen said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time in the Chicago area!

It was a thrill to finally meet you, and to meet the other fans who came to Anderson's. Book-loving people are the best people. :)

b said...

I love following your adventures. I wondered what people would say to me if I wore pink hair...I'm 70!!!


Chachic said...

Looks like your tour is a lot of fun! That bulletin board with all the pink hair is funny. Looking forward to seeing more of your updates. :) Daughter of Smoke and Bone is already available in bookstores here in the Philippines so YAY.

Sarah Beth Durst said...

Awesome room service in that hotel! :)

Rachel said...

Persnickety Jen is so right. Book-loving people are the BEST. Laini, it was so wonderful to meet you.

I cannot wait to share your suggestions with my fellow librarian and the Think Ink-ers (our library's teen writing group).

I'd also like to add that I'm halfway through Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Gorgeous. You are a magician. Yes, I am tiny like Zuzana...and we also might share some similar personality traits. :)

Hope you're having a great tour! I absolutely love that Clementine doll. Take care.

June G said...

Girl, you are blessed! Not every author gets these perks. Another debut author (who didn't get it) just blogged about this, not long ago. But you did write an awesome story that simply sucks the reader in, so you deserve every bit of it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your next stop! :-)

Alysa Stewart said...

Okay Laini. I just finished reading the book! Hat's off to you, and, um, what's the timeline for the sequel? :D

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