Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You. Can. Do. This.

This is my message for myself today:

“The only way [the book can be written] is to set the unbook—the gilt-framed portrait of the book—right there on the altar and sacrifice it, truly sacrifice it. Only then may the book, the real live flawed finite book, slowly, sentence by carnal sentence, appear.”
-Bonnie Friedman

One of my favorite quotes about writing, and something I have a very hard time doing. Today I am going to try especially hard to heed this going forward in the current book (about which: details very soon!!). You know how I am, I get so tied up in knots about finding the absolute right incarnation of every scene, every character, every bit of dialogue, every turn of phrase. 
But what I really need to do right now is pull up the fricking mossy anchor and just WRITE. 
So I'm going to do that. 



Yoda – Do or Do Not

That's all. Here I go!

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