Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bokmassan/Goteborg Book Fair Schedule!

Hi guys! I've just arrived at the amazing Bokmassan in Goteborg, Sweden. This is the biggest book festival in Scandinavia, and I can't wait to meet Swedish readers, plus writers from all over the place! (I shared an airport car with one of my favorite illustrators, Beatrice Alemagne. I was a bit giddy about that :-)

Here's the view from my hotel window:

Friday & Saturday are full days of panels & signings. It's going to be amazing. Here's my schedule. Hope to see you!!!

Friday 25th:

12-12:45: Seriescenen - seminar together with Siri Pettersen, moderated by Johanna Koljonen

3:30-4: Signing Session - English Bookshop

5:30-6: Göteborgs stadsbibliotek, Trappscenen - conversation with Johanna Lindbäck (from blog collective Bokhora) Note! Free entrance - external!

6:40-7: Internationella Torget - conversation with Johanna Koljonen

Saturday 26th:

113:0-11:50: F4 The choice of words - an author and her translator. Meet Laini together with her translator of all three Karou books Lena Karlin, moderated by Ika Johannesson Note! Q&A Session too!

1-1:20: Crime Scene - Murder & Magic: seminar together with Mats Strandberg.

3-345: main seminar H1 - conversation with Ika Johannesson

Sunday 27th

10:30-10:50: Workshop at Ung scen! Moderated by Carolina Landin (from blog collective Kulturkollo) - create your own monster together with Laini!

Cheers! And sorry about my lack of accent marks. I'm oomlot-challenged...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nerds are the funnest

Wow, hello blog. Summer's over and I haven't blogged in 2 months. Oops!

So, hey, today Jim & Clementine & I and our friend Tseche who's visiting from Bulgaria went across the Columbia River to Vancouver (the Washington one, not the Canada one) for Kumoricon, an anime convention. It was fun! We spent too much time in the dungeonesque merch room though and by the time we discovered that hundreds of cosplayers were hanging out in this lovely park, it had started to rain. So that was a bummer. Except for the above, because I love that picture!!!! Aren't they great? And the umbrellas totally make it. 

I was testing out a new lens I just got, and I lovelovelove it. It's a Lensbaby Edge 80, and I haven't totally got the hang of it yet, but I'm pretty crazy about the selective blur. You can use it as a straightforward 80mm prime, or you can tilt it a little or a lot for varying amounts of soft-focus. It's manual focus so that's the trick: trying to tell if you're totally in focus or only sorta. It's not for everyone, I guess, but I love the possibilities of this lens and can't wait to use it traveling :-)

So, thank you awesome nerds of Kumoricon. That was fun!

And last but not least, my very own nerds, Jim & Clementine Yotsuba&!


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