Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Done. The book is done. I have finished the ham. It's a little too surreal to even feel celebratory. The second revision draft went back yesterday and is with the copyeditor now. Ah, copyediting. So, not really done yet, alas, but the writing part is done. Now only nits to pick and futzes to fart. I don't know what that means. I used up most of my brain writing this book. I hope it regenerates, because there are more books I have to write! And want to write. Of course I want to. Just, you know, not right away. Because my brain needs to grow back. And there's the matter of having a 2-3/4-year-old sort of grafted to me right now. Clementeeny, she is so glad this ham is done. She's also sick, of all the hilarious timing. She's at that age when she is able to say, "I'm sick," with full manipulation of pathetic-power. It's so funny but not. I don't mind a couple of sick days myself right now. Yesterday we watched Arrietty in bed and ate popsicles. I felt like *I* was a sick kid home from school. Kind of cool.

Say, what were your sick day go-to's? There's the usual ones like chicken soup and Sprite and popsicles and whatnot. Did you have any weird ones? Jim's was fruit cocktail. You?

Okay, so. Just wanted to check in briefly before taking advantage of a sleep opportunity in the form of Clementine napping. I have missed way too many sleep opportunities lately! Catch-up time!


Friday, June 1, 2012

FINISH THE HAM. Also: Friday Fun Things!

Hey-o! Happy Friday! This is no ordinary Friday. It is "finish the ham" Friday! 

how thoughtful of me to post vegetarian ham for the non-grossing out of non-meat-eaters :-)

Why ham, you say? What ham? WHAT HAM? This ham. Of course.

Yes. You see, Clementine in her inimitable way, had taken to saying in this heavy voice of imperative that is a pretty good Zeus impersonation for a  2-3/4-year-old, "FINISH THE BOOK." Fair enough, and yes please, can I please? But then, with no explanation, it became "FINISH THE HAM," and still meant "FINISH THE BOOK." Clementine is experimenting with meaning. She's been doing this hilarious thing where she'll answer a question with a loud series of sound effects, kind of like very emphatic dolphin language, and then abruptly, flatly, like a dead-on theatrical aside, turn to us and caption herself. "That means yes." There has been much hooting of laughter in our house, and Jim and I giving each other "Where did she come from?" looks. In the best possible way, of course. 

P.S. I suspect "the ham" came from her Ponyo book, if you recall that Ponyo has a yen for ham. 

Anyway, tonight, late tonight, I must send off revisions to my editor Alvina, and the book will be very nearly at last finally truly finished! YAY! More on this revision process later. I *will* direct you briefly here to see what Holly Black had to say about revisions the other day that had me high-fiving her across the country because we are terribly-inefficient-process soul mates. But come back! Fo the fun things below!

Some awesome readers have responded to Daughter of Smoke & Bone in some awesome ways. This is by no means all, but this is a quick roundup of some recent ones. You guys, this kind of stuff ... it blows my mind and makes me SO HAPPY TO DO WHAT I DO. Ham and all. 

from Title Tracks, a Daughter of Smoke & Bone RAP!!! So good, such clever lyrics!

And a super-cool speed-painting demonstration by a talented Italian illustrator, Max Rambaldi:

Also, check it out, from Fit Nerd Girl, a Karou-inspired WORKOUT!!! 

And, Katherine from Hong Kong posed as Karou on a recent trip to Prague
and took photos of herself with a tripod. Love :-)

Okay, that's all from me today. I am off to FINALIZE THE FINAL CHAPTERS OF DAYS OF BLOOD & STARLIGHT!!!!!!


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