Thursday, June 20, 2013

Special editions!!

Hi! Remember me? My blog doesn't. When I tried to log in just now I got this message: FLAKY USER, PLEASE ENTER PASSWORD. Not really, but practically. Eeesh. I just can't seem to do anything these days besides writing and family-ing. And sleep. 

But LOOK! I've been so excited to show these! They are special editions of DAUGHTER and DAYS to be sold exclusively at Tesco stores in the UK! I'm not sure if you order them online (there's a link), if you'd get these or the regular editions. I'll try to find out. 

But oooh aaaaah! Here at the Tesco book blog I've written a little piece about these new covers and travel. 

Hope you're having a lovely summer, everyone out there in summerland. Nose to the grindstone here. I'll be paying for enjoying last summer too much. Sigh, alas. 


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