Monday, June 29, 2015

Norway Trip part I: Bergen

We're back from Norway!! We had a wonderful time. It's such a beautiful country! Here are some pics from our first stop, Bergen, on the southwest coast. The harbor is famous for its old wooden houses, and the landscape around it is riddled with fjords. We didn't go to any of the big ones, but just Osterfjord, which is a short loop trip by boat from the Bergen harbor. 

One of the loveliest places, a short trip from Bergen, is Lysoen, the villa of 19th-Century violinist Ole Bull. To get there you take a tram, a bus, and a boat.

On approach:

The view from the house, our first taste of the islandy coastline of Norway. Zoom in on the Norwegian coast on a map. It's crazy. There are over 50,000 islands, and I don't know how many fjords and inlets. It's WILD.

Trails around the house for hiking:

The inside, some kinds fancy. The style is traditional Norwegian with a bit of Russian fairy tale flair.

Little photographer:

The result:

Another effort:

 Some pics around town:

Clementine on the fjord boat writing an epic He-Man book:

More later on the rest of the trip!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Unlock Karou & Brimstone!

Hey guys! Guess what! The DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS paperback is almost here!

And to celebrate we've done something fun. Remember how when it came out in the UK we released the original first chapter of DREAMS? (Find that here.

Well, this time I've dug down even deeper to find...

...the very first writings ever of DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE. I'm always saying how there was this one day that I sat down to write something-anything-please-god-let-it-be-fun and Karou and Brimstone just showed up and started talking? Well, I've unearthed that day's writing and annotated it for you! Karou's a little different, as you'll see, but there are a lot of similarities too. 

How do you read it? See here:

Isn't that cool? So please find your favorite passage and go over to Twitter and help unlock this chapter! Thanks to the awesome folks at Little, Brown for doing fun stuff like this! 

And thanks to you guys, coolest readers ever, for playing along! 

I got my box of books! Here they are, so gorgeous :-) I still think of these as "Back to the Future" boxes. If you're of a certain age and you've always wanted to be a writer, you probably remember this: in BACK TO THE FUTURE, the dad character played by Crispin Glover gets a box in the mail from his publisher and it's full of his author copies of his first book. I've discovered that writers remember that scene and no one else does! 

Thanks, all!


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