Saturday, September 24, 2011


Mmm. Look. We have a plum tree at the new house! And a pear tree, several apples, a fig, a walnut, grape vines, raspberries ... So far that is what we've discovered. In early summer we'd pick raspberries every morning for our cereal; hooligan squirrels cleaned us out on walnuts; the figs never ripened; the pears have been delicious but abundant to excess! The plums are perfect. So yummy, so beautiful, and not overwhelming. Not like a second job, like that pear tree! Oy.

Getting packed and ready to leave soon. Yow, but that was fast. I'm going to try to blog along the way. We'll see how that goes. 

Meantime, some fun stuff. Review in the Los Angeles Times, YAY!!!!! Thank you LA Times! This is a big thrill :-)


"Taylor has constructed a vivid, elaborate fantasy with a reworked mythology of angels perpetually at war. Elements of adolescent angst and discovery play out against this fantastical world where morality is written in shades of gray, where love is an element, where pain is a power source. A master of pacing Taylor waits to reveal the mystery to Karou's identity in a cliffhanger finale that will leave fans eagerly awaiting the sequel."

Oh, and we finally saw Bridesmaids last night! So fun! The parts I'd heard about and expected to cringe during were much as expected, but funnier and more watchable than shticks like that usually are. Memorable-bad: those roommates! Egad! The shudders are still running through me. Memorable-good: the cop! This Irish actor I hadn't seen. That interplay between him and Kristen Wiig was just the best. Great good-guy/bad-guy contrast between him and John Hamm's charming a-hole. 

Alrighty, happy Saturday all!


Elena (wiezy) said...

I live in Portland too, and the figs in our yard don't ripen until late September/early October. Since our season was delayed this year, I expect it will be even later this fall....

joanna said...

For the first time this year I tried freezer jam - much easier than canning. You can make great jams easily and use the lovely fruits in season. Happy touring!

Camille said...

Hey, I know you're leaving soon on tour and you must have a tons of things to do but I was wondering if you knew anything about your England tour dates. Will there be an opportunity to meet you or will it only be school visits.
Thanks and have fun

Evie said...

We watched Bridesmaids tonight, too! Hilarious. And you're right about Chris O'Dowd and Kristen Wiig's chemistry onscreen.

Have a safe trip.

Laini Taylor said...

Elena, ooh, good to know! Thanks :-)

Joanna, yeah my mom makes freezer jam. It's great! Maybe next year ... :-)

Camille, I'm so sorry! I will try to post London details ASAP!

Evie, I KNOW. So good. More movie romance like that, please :-)

Jen said...

My husband and I watched Bridesmaids this weekend too.
I had the same reaction, and laughed pretty dang hard.
You HAVE to see Chris O'Dowd in the IT Crowd, it makes me smile.
Jealous of yer fruits!
Excited to read yer book.

Bets said...

Your yard sounds amazing. Yum! Ours is basically a small concrete slab (Bay Area, I can see why you left it), but we have a hole in the center of it from which grows a very prolific plum tree. The first year we couldn't keep up with it, so most of the fruit rotted on the concrete *sob*, but last year I tried a bunch of jams and sauces and infused alcohols. The first two were ok, but everyone universally adored the infusions, so that's all I made this year. :) My kitchen is full of rum and the storage room with vodka. And we are pretty much done with our Christmas shopping. ;)

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