Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dream-and-drool break

from kavkadesign

Ehhh, I've been all bookbookbooklookitmyboooook lately. Sorry! How about for some design fun? Did you know about the IKEA Family Live idea site? It showcases how designey folks have incorporated IKEA into their homes in the funnest and loveliest ways. 

I love this guest blog from kavkadesign. You can just see this is a person overflowing with quirky creativity. I've added her blog to my favorites!

The site is broken down by room ideas, and you can click from there to whole homes/apartments, or just check out the Home Stories or guest blogs. So much fun stuff. Drool drool.

(Last two pics swiped from Bright Bazaar, where I found the link to begin with.
One of my favorite design blogs!)

I'm a personal fan of IKEA basics brought to life with unique finds from travel and flea markets and artist, and this site is that exactly. A fun place to get lost and get inspired.

Since my own home sits still box-filled for the forseeable future as I complete the book at hand, I need an occasional drool-and-dream break. 



June G said...

I just love your quirky sensibility--in both writing and decorating. Of course you do have awesome pink hair...lol...I was so excited to see this design post. I love looking at your old blog and perusing the colorful pics. Looking at the pictures of Clementine cracked me up. I know they're just pictures and not video, but she looks like so much fun!

Oh. That reminds me. I have to add you to my side bar :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Thanks. I am so busy writing, I never get to look at these things. I have a big white wall just waiting for some color! Needed this.

BTW: I am a big fan of your writing. ;>

Johari said...

Totally love the design stuff (except that you made me fall in love with Rice and I can't get my hands on any of it).

And don't feel like you have to apologize for being completely over the moon about your book, because it's an amazingly awesome achievement! :)

I ordered DofSB from Amazon on Monday. Looking forward to it!

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