Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wheeeeeeeee!!! REAL BOOK x 2!


A package on the doorstep. Not a fat one. A skinny. At first touch it is obvious what it is:

A single book.

A single real book.

The first one, hot off the press, sent lovingly by proud publishers, maybe with a bow tied around it. A sweet note from an editor. Palpable excitement.

It has taken so long to get to this point.

First there was the writing. Starting with that glorious day when the seeds of the story floated down out of the sky and landed on my brain. That was the best writing day evvvvver. (hint: note the date of that post! So long ago!) But there was a problem! I was supposed to be writing a different book.

Well. I forced myself to finish that other book (and I have not so much as peeped at it since; note the photo in that post. It's quite clear where my mind was.)

And then at last, back to the NEW BOOK, with love. (It is so funny to me to see from old posts that I was looking at Silksinger copyedits while beginning this book. It was that long ago!)

And oh yeah, in the midst of it all: best distraction ever.

Months pass. Relearning life and writing and stuff. (By the way, I did not make that self-deadline. Not even close.)

Then. Finding a publisher who wants the new book. BIG DAY!

And just when I thought things couldn't get any better, another publisher

And more writing. Lots. Downs and ups.

Actually finishing, glory halleluja! The most writing I have ever packed into three months. I still marvel at it.

And then editing, which is a part of the process I love. Mostly.

And all that was only the beginning of this story's journey. It went from my hands to the publishers' very able hands, and much much much has happened on that end (follow this trail) and now it has come to the part where it is a grown-up book, about to get shoved out the door to make its fortune. With one of those little bundles tied to a stick over its shoulder. Essential fortune-seeking gear. I kiss it on the forehead, hug it to me, whisper it all my blessings, and have a hard time letting it go. 

In the past couple of days I have received two of these marvelous skinny packages to my doorstep. TWO! Because everything about the publishing process of Daughter has been doubly awesome, because it is in the hands of both Little, Brown Books for Young Readers in the US and Hodder & Stoughton in the UK.

Side story: when I did school visits for the Dreamdark books, sometimes I'd speak to the really little kids too, even though they were years away from reading my books, and I loved the literalness of their minds. One of the best questions I got from a kindergardener: "How do you make the covers of your books so hard?

Kid, I don't even know, but I love them.

May I present ... hard covers! 

*flourish of hands*

Child included for scale :-) 

She is the best possible scale, because she was about the size of a jelly bean

Hi pretties. Go forth and find happiness.

I tried to get a suitable picture of myself holding them looking thrilled, but I just look too bedraggled! I couldn't do it. I'm not at my best right now, alas. Grooming is not getting priority treatment. (No! Stop looking!) But I'm going to try to pull it together for upcoming giant amazing book tour! Details so soon!

Yay, real books!


Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love the cover-art on all of your books (your husband is so talented)! I can't wait to have these grace my bookcases.

Laini Taylor said...

Thank you nameless wonder! I agree Jim is very talented. These aren't his, but the designers are very talented too :-)

Anonymous said...

It has been such a joy to watch your journey, Laini! I cannot wait to get my hands on a finished copy of this book!!!


Rani said...

I am in absolute LOVE with the UK cover, I want my own to pet and snuggle! But I can *maybe* make do with the US version.

Connie Onnie said...

I started following your blog after Project Book Babe, it is crazy to think how you have been working on this book even before than. You have such a gift with words, this post makes me want to hug your books and hand them a copy of Dr Suess's "The Places You'll Go!" Good luck Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I have a feeling you are not going to need it.
I need to go pre-order a UK edition, it is so pretty & since I am a Brit-o-phile as my friend calls me. Congratulations Laini, so happy!!!

Camille said...

Yepeee! I can't wait for them to be in store. I loved all your other books but I think (from the expert) that this one is going to be my favourite. Congratulations!

Liz said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read it Laini. We savor all your stories like the best meal ever over here. xo

Heather said...

I am so thrilled for you and as usual can't wait to get my hands on it here in Canuckistan. You inspire me and while writing in general seems to elude me, my creativity burst forth in other areas such as my baby blankets and cake decorating. I live vicariously through you, though! P.S. Clementine looks more gorgeous every time I see a picture of her! Dolly! Much love, xoxo

(Appropriately my verification word is "malydisc" because I happen to have a disc in my back that is "mal", which is French for evil)

Sarah Sequins said...


Super duper congratulations with chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top! I can't imagine how amazing it must be to get those packages in the mail.

It's hard to send our creations into the world, but I'm confident yours will be just fine. :)

-- Sarah

Lo said...

You can tell what a fangirl I am that this post made me all teary. The hardcovers are SO GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to get my own! So excited for you, and I can't wait for everyone to read DoSaB. I wish the whole world knew how lovely you are. Congratulations!!
xoxo Lo

Jeanne said...

Those covers are sooo amazing. And I bet the book is way better! I can't wait to read it!!!!

Commander Kip said...

Waaagh, they're both so shiny! *cannot wait to get ahold of*

Cristina said...

I want to tell you that about a month ago I found "Lips touch Three Times" and I fell in love with your stories.

"Daughter of Smoke and Bone" is by far the book I'm most excited for and I'm counting down the days :)

Alwyn said...

That's so exciting! Can't wait to get my hands on the UK hardback and reread! And I loved following the journey of this book through the blog posts :) Congrats!

Eisen said...

Hi Laini, :) I can't wait to get my hands on your new book! I am looking forward to it VERY MUCH. I read Lips Touch and I was swooning over your words... Congratulations! :)

Chelsea said...

Oh! I love hardcovers...and those are beautiful. I'm so excited for you, and absolutely cannot wait to read this! If I read one more glowing review, I might just burst from excitement! ^_^

Kim Baker said...

Love the covers and LOVE THE BOOK! It's so wonderful. I'm so thrilled and excited for you. Yay yay yay!!!

Lisa Schroeder said...

*sniff sniff* Your baby is all grown up, and looks so big! And, you know, that weekend. <3

Daisy Whitney said...

Gorgeous. I'm reading an ARC now and I love it. Is your daughter's birthday August 10? Mine is!

Chachic said...

Congrats! I think both editions look beautiful. I can't wait to read it, I've been hearing such good things about the book. :) I already have it pre-ordered and I'm hoping it wouldn't take long for the Book Depository to ship the book from the UK to the Philippines.

debsfreckles said...

so fun! I love all of it! I can't wait to read it.

mandeep said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Johari said...

Hooray! Hooray! I can't wait to actually purchase it in 26:13:21:27.


Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

Even though I've already read the ARC, and LOVED IT!!!, I can't wait to actually purchase a hardcover copy for myself! I've been recommending it wherever I go!

Bethany Grace said...

Hey Laini!! I met you at your publisher dinner in Chicago and geeked out a lot....:) I am so proud of having read this book months ago and being able to sing its praises! BUT now, everyone who has been dying to read it that I know will be able to! Congratulations! It is a beautiful addition to your increasingly beautiful book list!

Shveta said...

So. Excited!!!

I just went back and read some of your older posts for inspiration. You're so full of color and magic. :)

And best of all, my copy of Daughter should be here in time to come to Sirens with me, so I can ask for your autograph!!! Yay!

Hey, Self: speaking of Sirens, that presentation you plan to give there must be worked on. Go prepare!

*runs off to do this*

Can't wait!

Laini Taylor said...

HI Shveta! I'm working on my Sirens talk now too! Can't wait -- though I'm a bit intimidated by all the smartypantsness happening there :-)

Sirens blog post coming up next!

persnickety_jen said...

What a journey! Sometimes it's easy to forget just how long it can take for a brain seed to become a real book. I hope you have a vanity shelf set up in your new, beautiful library (or in your new beautiful writing room) - because you should definitely show these babies off!

Bets said...

Love this post, hearing about the process and seeing little Clementine growing up... and LOVE the ARC, which I conveniently finished days before being rushed to the hospital to deliver my second little guy. :) I can't wait to add a copy of the hardcover to my collection and read it again. Laini, your writing is so beautiful it hurts... the good kind of hurt, not the kind that requires percocet. ;)

Mindy said...

I am excited! I love your books! Only two things could make me happier:
1. a paperback version of Silksinger (i never buy hardbacks, i can't afford it...)
2. a third book in Dreamdark
:) so yeah, this makes me happy and the covers are gorgeous!

Stephsco said...

Love the covers and photos of them!

tone almhjell said...

Oh, they're just so beautiful. I love that they're dark and hushed and deep and still pop. Good work, designers!

Also, I loved ring back to all those links. I remember very well that first giddy entry. To think that it led you here! I'm so happy for you, and really, happy in general, that books can be born this way, that stories can become true - in the sense that they're there, on paper, between covers, for someone to hold.

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