Thursday, August 25, 2011

Karou & Zuzana ON TWITTER!

You guys. Guess what. You know how sometimes authors talk about the writing sweet spot, how they were going along, writing, and their characters all of a sudden took over and took on lives and voices of their own? I never used to believe it. I'd be all scrunch-faced reading stuff like that, like "Sure. Big lying head that you are." But I now know that it is true. Sometimes it happens. It is a goal to pursue in and of itself, because when you breathe life into characters, really make them real in your mind and on the page, they DO come alive and they help you write the story.

In the age of Twitter, this has a whole new dimension to it. Because today ... Karou and Zuzana started to tweet! Oh, about cake and nose hair and true love, vital things, and so of course I'm following them and hoping they will say more. And ...


Not on Twitter yet? Now's your chance. Here's my pitch:

a) it's easy and free
b) you don't have to do anything but start the account and read it when you feel like it. YOU do not have to tweet if you don't want to; you can be a silent observer.
c) you only follow who you want, your "twitter feed" need not get gummed up by the boring strangeness of strangeling borers.
d) it's FUN! 

I was a skeptic, so I get your skepticism. But ... here's my final sales pitch item: if you join Twitter, you can get extra Daughter of Smoke and Bone content in the form of Karou and Zuzana (and it is *just possible* that Mik might join the party. Akiva, no. Noh, oh, noh. Seraphim tweet not!) talking about the stuff that they talk about, as they are now REAL and HAVE LIFE in the internet.

There will not be spoilers. (Right, girls?)

Just to show you what it's like, here is today's opening salvo. I am pasting it here because, ahem, the girls forget to include a #hashtag go make it easy to follow. Next time, #hashtag**!

Don't forget to read it from the bottom to the top, as that is how a twitter stream works! 

Scroll down to begin.

If you are unfamiliar with the format, the name in black is the one tweeting. 
The name in blue is who they are tweeting to.

(also, the icon art is by Jim, the so-talented Jim Di Bartolo, artist-head and husband-of-me. Thank you!)

Wanna join? Just start your account, and then "follow" @bluekarou and @rabidfairy.

And, uh, while you're there: @lainitaylor. Y'know. Since you're there :-)

**A hashtag is when there's a pound sign, like this: #DSB, and if you click it all that will come up are tweets marked with that hashtag, whether you follow the people or not. It's cool, and it's how people have group live chats on twitter.


lexi said...

Oh, hurrah! Hopefully this Twittering will be enough to keep those of us in the peanut gallery satisfied until we can buy your book in stores. I cannot cannot wait to read it!

Laini Taylor said...

Lexi! Yay! Lexi. People, go read her funny new blog.

Enna Isilee said...

Oh. This is made of awesome. I just followed both of them!

Jillian said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! It makes the story seem even more real and alive. (Yes, I was able to snag an ARC of DoSaB. I devoured it last month, and it's still sitting on my bedside table so that I can pick it up whenever I like and reread my favorite passages.)

I really think these two Twitter accounts will make readers even more enthusiastic for the book! :)

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