Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Pie: Day at the Beach!

More days like this, please.

Usually it's too cold for bathing suits at the Oregon Coast, and it wasn't a really hot day or anything, but the wind wasn't too bad (though still kite-worthy), and the thing that was great was a huge sandbar had formed, creating a channel where the water was calm and shallow and much warmer than the sea. Below, you see the wide part of the channel and in the distance the actual surf.

Where? Manzanita, Oregon, about an hour-1/2 out from Portland.

Our favorite beach + favorite beach town. It's entirely lacking in ticky-tacky. Love.

This is random, but as I got these pics ready to post, I thought I'd show you my Photoshop prep.

Original photo:

With contrast applied in Photoshop:

Usually contrast is all I adjust, just to give that extra crispness and punch, 
but sometimes I'll up the color saturation a tidge too.

In this case, it's exaggerated to show you how to get postcard brightness.
Not always what you want.

I'd stick with the middle one.

And here:

With some contrast. Makes the darks darker and brights brighter,
overall, more punch.

And is that beach beautiful or what?

More Oregon Coast on my old blog HERE and HERE and HERE.


~Michelle~ said...

I like Manzanita too. Those poppies are so pretty! Clementine is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Is Clementine the happiest child ever? Thinny thinks so.

J said...

Clementine is so stinking adorable, Laini! I love that your blog has tons of great writing advice, but also little bursts of happy. :D

R.L. LaFevers said...

Such adorableness! Although I bet you have to slather that fair skin with SPF 200!

What a cutie.

Razer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sunny day said...

The beach is beautiful

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