Friday, April 1, 2011

More London Photo Candy

I've never been a fan of the big bold Union Jack ... until now. Travel is always making me fall for things I was "meh" about before, like Mayan textiles, for example, and even Moroccan rugs for that matter. Seeing things in their native environment makes a big difference, and then you can't even remember what you thought of them before. Not to say I'm going to be papering my house with Union Jacks, but I will be dressing exclusively in them from now on. Behold:

Haha, okay. Not really. But cute!

I look forward to much more London shopping in the future of my life. Hopefully. The tiny bit we saw hints at magnitudes and volumes of awesome.

For all your ukulele needs. Or ukulele t-shirt needs.

*Tromp tromp stomp.*

In the last post, Caroline asked if I had any toddler travel tips, and I guess my number one is to plan places into each day for wiggle-time. For running and climbing and puddle-stomping and all-around energy-getting-outing. In good weather this is easy, but in rain more of a challenge. We got caught in the rain at the Tower of London and found it no fun at all to haul kid + stuff + umbrella + camera. Phleh. (Of course, the next day, the day of our departure, that is, couldn't have been more rainless if it tried). 

We changed plans, and at Maarten's suggestion, went to Spitalfields Market, a big covered shopping area, that fit the wiggle bill perfectly. With shopping bonus. See:

(Got the polka dot one!)

The above was actually a shoe store, I think, not an author store. A relief. 
If you can just go around buying authors . . . *shudder*

Jim couldn't resist a little vandalism. You know how he is. Never without his spray paint.

(Okay. Not really. In case you're unsure :-)

Oh man, a lovely time was had, and I just freaking love London. This is so weird to say, because I've always been so in love with Italy, but after having been in both Rome and London recently, I think ... if I were looking to live in one of them for a couple of months (as Jim and I sometimes daydream of doing) ... it would be London. Rome is Rome and all, but I just feel more of a pull to explore London. Right now. At this precise moment. Don't hold me to it.

Besides, there's always Barcelona ... 


Xinnia said...

Gorgeous pics! What a little whippersnapper that Clementine is. How funny--I've been trying to decide if I like London or Rome better, too. It's so hard to say. I was leaning toward Rome, but...hmm. And we were just in Barcelona last month! I haven't posted the photos yet. I've been neglecting the blog lately. I'll let you know when I do.

andalucy said...

Grrr! That was me! I will be so glad when my daughter gets a new computer so she will stop using mine!

KT said...

My creative writing teacher in London said that people can live in the city for twenty years and still get lost in an unfamiliar part of town.

Gorgeous pictures! I love reading your blog.

Natasha said...

I'm glad you like London so much. I'm not a big fan of the Union Jack at all, but it's probably because I live here, so it doesn't excite me that much. I need to visit London again though, I've only been a few times! Love the photos. xxx

Clare said...

Umm. I just want to try a Far Cape. Can you get them here? Man, I want to go to London. To sight-see. And eat.

Liz said...

Spitalfields Market looks like a cool place to shop. I love the pinkish coat with the wide collar in the background.

Your hair looks lovely and really "pops" in all the photos. Did you ever post a story on how you came to have pink hair? I had pink peek-a-boo color in my hair for a couple of years, but colored over it.


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