Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love & Glue. And Chairs.

I love taking Hipstamatic pics in antique stores. You never know what your'e going to get, and it's only really afterward that I notice half the items in the photos and think, huh, I kind of want that. But only kind of, you know. Not really keen an accruing right now. I do love the juxtaposition of stuff, though, in the stores. But I don't want my house to look like that.

I really dig this decaying frame, and could see going back by to see if it's still there. Hopefully laziness will win that battle. It could look good with mirror glass in it ...

Which reminds me of this mirror we saw a while back at another store, that I still like (visually subtract the stuff around it). Especially love the blue patina, and the really foggy antiquey-ness of the glass itself.

The only thing we got on this recent trip to the Monticello Antique Mall (a post-lunch, pre-nap time-killer) was the below chair, cheap and in need of love and glue. Love and glue, what more could a chair hope for? Maybe some awesome upholstery, I don't know.

The new house has a real dining room, which we do not have in the current cottage, only a breakfast nook, and so when we found the perfect dining table (at Cargo), we snapped it up. Now we need chairs, and thought we'd go for the mismatched chairs all-painted-white look. I mean, we need like ten. It's a big table! So we're starting with cheap ones, in need of ze love and ze glue. Like below, which I saw on a sidewalk and swerved for. The new one makes five.

Of course, this is all just until Lori ships me the vintage Tolix chairs she just scored in France. For me. Right, Lori? They're totally for me, of course :-) Check these out:

(Also, I just love that photo!)

And here they are in their new digs in Amsterdam:

*drool want*

I am proud to have inspired a shopping trip to France that involved a stay at a chateau and resulted in this fabulous purchase. Proud and envious. My vengeance will be to go to Amsterdam and sit in them! Every single one! Mwahahahahahahahaaaaa!


Anonymous said...

Two of those wooden chairs that swerved for need cane seats as well as ze glue and ze love. Do you know how to put them in? It's very easy.


Anonymous said...

whoops. "chairs the YOU swerved for" that should have been.


Laini Taylor said...

NO! I don't, MT. I've googled it a little, but figured to do some more of ze research when ze time came :-) Any tips would be appreciated! I don't know about cane, though. Rather do an upholstered seat.

Liz said...

I confess I do not get ze tollix love. They look cold and uncomfortable for ze backside.

What is it that has captivated everyone so? It seems they're everywhere now.

Has anyone made a countdown widget for Daughter of Smoke and Bone yet? I'd love to have one for my site. I'm so excited!

~Michelle~ said...

I love the "hipsta" app as well, adds a unique element of gorgeous to photos.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a testimonial. I haven't ever used seatweaving. org for supplies, but this page shows you what you would need.

If there were holes around the hole in the chair, you would need to weave the seat yourself. But that groove means that you just need a piece of pre-woven cane seating and some spline. You lay the cane down over the seat, lay the spline, which is like thin flexible ribbon of cane, on top of it near the edges, and squish the spline and the cane underneath it into the groove. It holds the cane in place.

Everything is wet when you work it. It tightens up as it dries. A little glue in the groove keeps the cane and the spline in place. I believe you can get a kit with more detailed instructions, but this is pretty much it. You can use special tools, but a screwdriver works okay, too.

Of course, upholstered seats are nice, too.


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