Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We Spent the Night in a Castle!!

France Day 2, Part II

Driving along. This is what roadsides look like in the Loire. Ho hum.

The drive from Usse to Brissac-Quince.

Castles and caves. Vineyards. Tra la la.

And we arrived in Brissac-Quince, at our destination, the Chateau de Brissac. This was our splurge. I mean, of course the trip was the splurge, but this was the cherry on top of the splurge. I really wanted to spend a night in a chateau. (Doesn't everyone? :-) I did some searching online, and much of what I found was a) ridiculously expensive, b) snooty, and c) minimally awesome, like staying in a really nice hotel, more than in a chateau. And then I found Brissac. I don't even remember what led me here. It's a private residence, but partially open for tours, and they have four gorgeous guest rooms. Unlike a hotel, it *kind of* feels like being guests of the family. Um, a self-invited, paying guest?

Look! The marquis is carrying my suitcase :-)

This place. This place is gorgeous, and as opulent as it is, it felt weirdly unpretentious.


I read that it is the "highest" chateau in France. Meaning? I don't know. The most floors? I believe there are nine. (Nine!) The marquis and his wife -- who are very lovely to talk to -- live here with their four children. Apparently they live in the upper floors. Wouldn't you just love to see what that looks like? I mean look at those upper floors! Turrets!

Let's pick bedroom windows in this photo:

And one of the best things about staying here, you get to just wander around. 

There was an exhibit on ball gowns while we were there.

And the bedrooms ...

Better by far than any we'd seen at the chateaux we toured. Look! 

A certain little someone was in her height playing Sleeping Beauty in this bed.

It was a total delight, a trip highlight. Highly recommended!

And now my time is up. Back next with jousting and viking ships and birds of prey!

Oh, and do you remember this post? [Heart] sleeping in cool places :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my lordy's lordy! Amazing! I can't wrap my head around the fact that people just used to live in these as their everyday houses. I bet they could have used a full-time family therapist. I'm going to repackage myself as a live in therapist for French Chateau families. I only require my own wing, a stipend, a large garden, and macarons. Pics are the best- keep them coming!
Michelob Saperstein

Connie Onnie said...

I just found out you can rent the Sense & Sensibility cottage and I was thinking that would be awesome but I think like you said this castle takes the cake! How very very awesome!

LinWash said...

Gorgeous photos! I would so love to be there!

Rhiannon said...

only four guest rooms! What in heavens name is in the rest of this enormous place?

Mary Pearson said...

Oh my. Sign me up. Gorgeous.

Laurence King said...

Unbelievably beautiful! It is now officially on my MUST SEE list. Thanks, Laini!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness! That is seriously one of THE COOLEST THINGS EVER!!!! Definitely on my to do list when I go to France!!! Wow!!! :) :) :) And jousting?!!!! SO excited to see and read about that! :)

Kelley Lynn said...

So jealous. I've got to find me a castle. Preferably with a prince in it ;)

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