Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some more painted stuff, some book fretting

Hi! Guess what. I'm going in for LASIK tomorrow and letting someone take lasers to my eyeballs. I'm so excited! Next time you see me, I will be glasses-less after more than twenty years of the infernal contraptions! 

And guess what else. Review copies of Days of Blood & Starlight are in the world. There aren't a lot, and I don't have any myself. In the UK they've printed paper ARCs, but in the US they're sending limited e-galleys to librarians, reviewers, and accounts. I don't know how many, all I know is: 

The book is in the world.

Which is terrifying. By pushing my deadline to the breaking point, I unwittingly bought myself time and peace of mind in the form of: since there were no advance copies available at the summer conferences, no one was reading and/or reviewing my book! I didn't have to worry about it! But now it is out there. I've heard from a few people, and it's all lovely, I really am excited to get feedback. Sweet pizza, I am so proud of this book. But you know, the moment a book "gets loose" and goes out to explore the world (like my wily, dear deceased Siberian husky) ... it's a big thing. 

You guys. Someone could be reading it right now.

*hides eyes*

So enough about that. More about paint! Book? What book? Tra la la!

Painting things is good. It gives them new life. I [heart] paint! When we moved into our house last year (which itself needed much, much paint, so very much white paint), our bedroom was NOT one of the rooms that got attention or new furniture or any sort of cuteness. It was an atrocity, and I really wanted it to be the serene lovely space I knew it could be. The first thing that had to happen was: storage. This house was built in 1885. It has weenie closets. And this cheapest-of-the-cheap IKEA pine armoire below was both ugly AND way too small. So we got a much bigger and prettier (still IKEA) sectional armoire set-up (LOVE) and we painted the below white, gave it new handles, and shifted it to Clementine's room.

(Note also the dark bedpost in the corner of this photo.)

(oh the bluh blahness of a few short months ago! How did we stand it??)


Painted white with pretty handles. I'd planned to paint a cute pattern on it, perhaps inspired by Mary Blair, but I really doubt the likelihood of that happening now. I'm so done with projects. Ugh. But goodness, how vastly less ugly is this thing now? And it's great storage in C's room, which has NO closet.

Then, our bed. I kind of wanted a new one. I was in an "I want" mood. You know those. They're terrible, and cunning. Wanty wanty wanty feels so much like needy needy needy, it will trick you. Bt painting, painting will save you! I love this old bed now. Creamy glossy marshmallow white. This room is going to be pretty, with very little in the way of new purchases. Yay!

That's all. (For now. There's this linoleum floor we painted I still have to tell you about.)

Carry on.



gl said...

Ah, I love it! It matches my room :D

Now I'm inspired to go paint ugly furniture that's gathering dust right now...


Anonymous said...

I for one cannot wait to get hold of Days of Blood and Starlight. Your prose is so sophisticated. You've rewritten the rule book for YA writing as far as I'm concerned. Love it!

Connie Onnie said...

Oh I am so excited for Days of Blood & Starlight it is getting closer!!!
Clementine's room is so so adorable!
I love making things new with paint!

June G said...

I always love looking at your decorating pics. Oh yeah, and your book---can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm spreading the word and have some of my co-workers excited too! I'll probably buy extra copies for some.

Shveta Thakrar said...

Aw, yay, Laini! I had LASIK back in '99, and though my eyes have changed a bit since, I love being free of glasses and contacts. I'm so glad you'll get to enjoy that liberation, too!

And yay on painting things. So inspiring. :)

Finally, yay on the sequel being in the world! I'm very excited to get my copy this November (just in time to be a belated birthday present!)

Kate said...

Awesome!!!! Love the painting!!! :) And book? There's a book? ;)

Ruby97 said...

Don't freak out Laini.. but i AM reading Days of Blood and Starlight. Right Now. AND IT IS FREAKING AMAZING! I live in Australia and i have to thank Hachette Australia for being so awesome and giving me a copy :) But seriously, i LOVE it! And i love your painting! :)

Laurence King said...

Love how you transformed your old/new/blah furniture into something dazzling and fun!! Thanks for sharing, Laini!

Alysa Stewart said...

Yay! Wow, it looks lovely, as does your room. And you Painted Your Floor?!? I must hear all about this.

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