Monday, August 27, 2012

Giants, Blue Aliens, New Noses

What with the new eyes and all, I thought I should have a new nose to go along. What do you think? Good choice? Or maybe I could trade with Jim ...

Don't now if the fuzz-stache would suit me, though.
Suppose Clementine would let me borrow hers, at least until she grows into it?

Love those, nose cups. Much giggling :-)

We were at Trek in the Park yesterday, a genius thing in its fourth season, in which episodes of Star Trek are acted out in Portland city parks. So fun! Here's the venue this year, Cathedral Park in North Portland, under the St John's Bridge:

Some of the action:

Local creative-folk and real-life married couple Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett played Spock's parents

They are the creators of the cool Boilerplate and Frank Reade steampunk alt history books:

They were also good actors!

The Trek episode was Journey to Babel, a glimpse of it here:

Hee hee. 

Last night, Clementine stirred in the wee hours wanting a drink, and as she fell back asleep, she was murmuring about "the blue guy." Then, first thing this morning, she started telling us how the blue guy with two antennae wasn't a bad guy, but the one with one antennae was. And Jim and I just stopped talking and stared at her, because she was right, but I would not have thought she could have grasped that, since our seats weren't that great and we couldn't hear all that well and ... well. She was totally watching. And processing. All of it. Kid astounds me. 

We've been talking her to live theater since she was pretty little, being blessed in Portland with both the Northwest Children's Theater and the Oregon Children's Theater, not to mention traveling productions and any number of other smaller theater and puppet companies. ([Heart] Portland) And she loves the theater. And she loves getting to meet the actors after. 

... One actor in particular. She first saw him as Willy Wonka. Then as the lemon tree in Rapunzel. As Lowly Worm in Busytown and the evil mayor in El Zorrito. She's been to his storytimes at the Children's Museum. She has a bit of a crush on John Ellingson. And so it was that we found ourselves at the Powell's Book 41st Anniversary block party on Saturday hunting down ... the BFG.

The Northwest Children's Theater is opening the season with Roald Dahl's The BFG (the Big Friendly Giant) and we will so be there (they are also doing Peter Pan, Seussical, and a tap dance Cinderella, and we will miss none of them). So. We found the giant in question. He was easy to spot. 

I love the look of stun on this little boy's face as he shakes the giant's hand:

Chuck Palahniuk was there too, with a long signing line. 

Just another weekend in Portland :-)

Oh! And next year, Trek in the Park: The Trouble with Tribbles!!!!! Can't wait :-)


June G said...

All of the noses fit each of you perfectly! You post the best pics. I saw that Trek in the Park on the news. They were profiling it. You make me want to visit Portland...maybe someday...


Omg I want to see trouble with tribble's!
Looks like a wonderful time! :)

Laurence King said...

Awesome, awesome noses! Can't decide which one I like best...Portland is such a great town. Every time I visit I want to move there. I think another visit may be in order.

Anonymous said...

OMG, my favorite episode of Star Trek!

Portland seems like such a wonderful place to live. (heart the proboscis cups!)

Kate said...

So I pretty much want to move to Portland!!! Sounds so incredibly fun!!! Love the theater! And I love those nose cups! Haha! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but when is the next Dreamdark book comeing out?
PS - <3 the noses

Artemis Grey said...

So, apparently, I'm missing out on big things, because I live over here in wee old Virginny, which is not the arts aficionado it claims to be when compared to places like Portland.

Acting out Star Trek episodes in local parks??? HOW MUCH COOLER CAN YOU GET???

*sigh* Clementine reminds me so much of my niece, who just turned two and is always informing me of important things that we never expect her to have noticed or understood. Like 'Fran (the donkey) isn't happy that she has a mask (grazing muzzle to limit food intake) but apples make it okay.'

Kids in general, astound me. And it's a super great feeling to just stand there and stare at them in awe, isn't it?

Oh, and love you new noses. Best. Cups. Ever.

Katie Anderson said...

Wow. Portland rocks.

Unknown said...

Love how there's a sign that says "Pie" in the background of the BFG picture. :D

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