Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You need a banana!

from thing; see below

I really don't mean for this blog to become all about my book mybookmybookmybook lookit read my book blah blah blah. I'm just a bit all-consumed right now. Sorry for the lack of content! In fascinating non-book news, today was a day of bleh: assembling IKEA cabinets to increase kitchen storage, and then failing utterly to mount them on the wall (they have to go high up, over a window). It was quite comical. Envision: Jim is standing on a step ladder holding aloft a heavy cabinet while I, on a different step ladder, try to line up the screw holes to the hanging thingamy. We're both cursing under our breaths, and Clementine is trying to get us to play store with her. She has all these fake fruits and vegetables set out in a delectable array, and while Jim and I mutter and grumble and probably grunt unbecomingly, Clementine is calling out, "You need a banana!" And she'll say the same thing over and over until she gets a response, so ... "You need a banana! You need a banana!"

Hell. Maybe she was right. Maybe a banana was exactly what we needed right at that moment.

In any case, the cabinets remain solidly on the floor, the room messier than ever, oy. OY, I say! *wails for order and cleanliness*

Maybe the IKEA fairy will come in the night and we will awaken to installed cabinets? Someone on Twitter said you just need to leave out Swedish meatballs overnight ... Ugh. Meatballs. Ate too much tonight, and that thought is not a pretty one.

So, there is my fascinating non-book anecdote, aaaaaaaand ... now back to book blab! *groan*

  • has put up a photo diary of a typical Laini work day. HERE.
  • Daughter was reviewed on MTV's Hollywood Crush site today! Yay! HERE.
  • A video! At the start of the London launch party, I was interviewed by; you can hear the party noise all around. That party was such fun. English book bloggers and booksellers! And one Welsh blogger, at least, who'd taken the train all the way :-) 

with the lovely interviewer; photo by my dear friend Lori who came from Amsterdam for the party!

Quickly, on the subject of London, this was awesome. The YA bookseller at Waterstones Picadilly, the BIGGEST BOOKSTORE IN EUROPE (a beauty!) keeps a display of American YA titles that she imports, that are not published in the UK. Her name is Nicole, and she has really great taste in books. Check this out!

Anna and the French Kiss, right on top. Yay, Steph! Also, John Green, Daisy Whitney, Libba Bray, and more. A very good shelf, don't you think?

Okay, I think I've heard the IKEA fairy won't come so long as you're awake, so I'm off to bed to read. READ! (The Red Glove, by Holly Black!) I'm so so so so so SO behind on books, I keep meaning to take a picture of the most pressing stack, but it's so depressing. Please someone, is there no way to STOP TIME? So I can READ??? Preferably in a hammock in a private tropical cove? In the shade? With spearfishing interludes, and swimming with a knife strapped to my thigh? And frolicking, and watching Clementine frolic. Frolic. What a word.

With that, good night!


tone almhjell said...

But.. but.. there IS an IKEA fairy! There is over here, anyway, You just pay them a little extra, not so much really, compared to the grief of wobbling atop a ladder without a banana, and they come and put the cabinets up for you. Only with kitchen stuff, because they know it's both hard and very important to get right. Okay, hope you have them there, too.

All the other stuff is all good! Keep the book stuff coming! I adore it!

Anonymous said...

I've got a 2 year old who does the exact same thing, so here I am, trying to eat my lunch while sneaking a computer break, and giggling like a maniac because I can picture it in minute detail.

I love all your book news! The behind the scenes info of what it is to be a successful writer is fascinating. I'm in the first few chapters of Daughter now, and I adore it! I'm halfway through Silksinger on audio and love that so much! I've put in requests for any and all of your books at my local library. Since the director really likes me, and so few people submit requests, they get anything I ask for. Now, we have Blackbringer and Daughter! By the time I'm done, we'll have the best stocked YA section this side of Barnes and Noble.

Adam Rex said...

There's something I like about the last two photos. Can't put my finger on it.

June G said...

That's pretty cool how that bookseller makes it her business to keep a stash of US books on hand. I love eclectic posts like this. Your blog is like a fun fantasy. I always look forward to what your going to share next.

Kristan said...

Everyone needs a banana. :)

LOVE that pic of you and your friend Lori! Also love your voice. I first noticed it in the radio interview you linked the other day.

Btw, you've sold me on free writing again. I always do it for a while, then stop. So I'm in the "for a while" phase again, haha.

Ooo, you know what this interview just inspired me to think of? A chimera contest! You should have people submit themselves as chimera and then you (or Jim? or Clementine?) can pick a winner!

Anonymous said...

It's been AGES. Do you have that cabinet up yet?

Anonymous said...


I bet you are playing with Clemintine Pie again, aren't you? TOO MUCH FROLICKING!

Oh, wait. There's no such thing as too much frolicking.
: )

Evie said...

Great post!

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