Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi! Quick dispatch from L.A.!

OK this bike was in London but I have no pictures to post!

Hi all! So nice to see that last post resonated! I'm hastily typing this in my hotel room in West Hollywood before heading out for another very full day of schools and meetings and stock signings and then a drive down to Huntington Beach for a bookstore event. Whew. Yesterday was nonstop and awesome, as was the day before. Thank you Los Angeles area people, and Mysterious Galaxy Books, and Book Soup, and various high schools (especially Venice High and awesome librarian Caroline Gill) for making this such a great and energizing leg of the tour. Also, of course: getting to hang out with my wonderful agent Jane and even my also wonderful editor Alvina, who happened to be in town with her brand new fiance! And big thanks to my sweetest ever Auntie Joyce who came to both events and is also coming tonight! *heart*

Late tonight I fly to San Francisco for two final days of tour! This has been quite an amazing month, seeing Daughter of Smoke and Bone in the hands of readers, trying to sway teenagers to read it :-), meeting other authors, lots of wonderful booksellers, school librarians, bloggers and other book evangelists, doing interviews, reading reviews, WOW. Wow wow. And through all of it I've been keeping the thread of the *new* book alive mostly with thinking and note-taking, and I cannot WAIT to dive back into the story when I get home. Oh man. Breaks are a great way to create new enthusiasm for work. I am hungry-thirsty-eager, even desperate, to return to writing. Sooooooon! (But first come see me in California! :-)



anne said...

let me just say, the ending of Daughter has everyone screaming for "book 2" ---

Jeni said...

I love your comment that you are "hungry thirsty eager" to return to writing. What a perfect description for a feeling so many of us can relate to at times. Enjoy! Sending good thoughts for you and your family (how nice that you'll be home soon).

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