Friday, July 8, 2011

Eye Candy Breakfast -- A Magical Tea Party

all photos by Vanessa Valencia

Want to flip out over an insanely wonderful tea party, and equally wonderful photos?

It's at A Fanciful Twist. Where else?!

Vanessa Valencia's life looks more like a fairy tale than anything I have ever beheld in real life.

I think she might be a fairy. I mean ... look at her shoes!

She has oodles and oodles more photos at her blog. Click here. If you have some time to kill, this is not her first spectacular tea party. Explore her archives and you will find so much more gorgeousness.

Thank you Vanessa for the delight!


Alexandra Saperstein said...

Wow!!!! I think I just got some great ideas for a surprise birthday picnic for Andrew! I'm amazed and in love with each and every photo. Id forgotten about her site since you last linked. Happy happy to rediscover!!

Alexandra Saperstein said...
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