Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicago, first event!

(lest this photo mislead, no, the event was not at this theater! But isn't it pretty?)

Yep, it's still really cool here :-)

But not weatherwise. It is hot. Hot hot hot.

First event of the pre-pub tour was last night, a chance to have dinner with a group of Chicago-area booksellers and librarians. The spot was Carnivale, which is so colorful! I felt right at home there. Look!

My wonderful publicist Lisa from Little Brown ...

... set up the tables with Daughter paraphernalia. Feathers, teeth, trade beads ...

 Hi booksellers! 

 Such a fun, fun group of people, so passionate about books. 

(Not everyone got the "make a face" message :-)

I very very much look forward to coming back in the fall for the book launch! This was such a treat!

Thank you, Chicagofolk :-)

This evening, I will get to meet and have dinner with teens who've read Daughter! YAY! Real live teenagers. Can't wait! That's been organized by Anderson's, who I've heard from so many people are amazing. We won't be at the store, though, so I won't get to see it on this trip (I don't think?). But in the fall for sure!

Happy happy!


Jenn said...

Glad to hear you'll be coming back in the fall! I sadly don't qualify for the Anderson's event tonight (unless they count me still being a teenager in my head!)
Glad Chicago is treating you well!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Wow that's an amazing place. Thanks for posting the pics!

amy said...

Super cool and fun! "Real live teenagers" made me snork out loud.

Amber said...

Looks so cool!


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