Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cute Plates!!!

New love: transfer-embellished vintage ceramics! What a great idea! Have you seen this? I want to make my own. I wonder if it's hard to do. Anyone know? Do you need a kiln? How does it work?

These two are from The Storybook Rabbit in Australia. I bought the above one from Jim and me, kind of an early 10-year wedding anniversary present! The below was for my friend Alexandra for her birthday.

Much more cuteness at her store!

And below, these are from Ninainvorm in Holland. Love hers too! 

When I discovered her site and shop she was on maternity leave and her etsy shop was empty! Now it's stocked again, but I am currently having a shopping cease-fire. Alas. Ninainvorm, don't go anywhere!

(Maybe she'll make a "happy" plate :-) Or, maybe I'll figure out how and make my own!

(ooh, so many exclamation points in this post. Sorry!) (!)


Connie Onnie said...

Those plates are so sweet. Do you use the site Pinterest? I am always saving ideas there for "things to make." Looks like I will add plates to it as well.

Kjersten said...

I love those plates! I want to make them too. If you find a tutorial or something, please share. There's something so satisfying about old, but still useful functional objects that have been kissed with crafty, up-cycled goodness and heart. Thanks for sharing.

callyrabbit said...

Ahh! love them, especially the bunny ones, I think it works by transfer paper onto the plates and then that gets stuck into the kiln.
This blog here seems to know what to do

Unknown said...

ohh!!!!super. very nice plates. 2nd one is really very nice. kind of Disposable Plates really very useful to create these kind of arts and to do something interest. Thank you.

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