Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from New Orleans

Back from New Orleans, the temporary center of the book universe this weekend when the librarians of America descended upon it, hotly pursued by publishers and authors and various other librarian-loving sorts. It was so much fun! I have many pictures, but alas, only an unreliable stolen er, borrowed wireless signal, so I will have to wait to post.

I'll say this: books were amassed with sheer naked acquisitiveness (and then lugged around with aching shoulders), beignets and pralines were eaten, new friends made, publishers were (and are) adored, librarians achieved new levels of awesome, and ... guys, there are two new cocktails in the world, and they are called "smoke" and "bone." Yeah. That was cool :-)

Here, me and Jim with "smoke":

More later! Hopefully our very own wireless will be connected/installed (whatever it is they do) tomorrow. Then look out: pictures! Of the move too, which I have yet to show.

Meantime, have a great day! :-)


dawn said...

SOOO happy to see this post and even HAPPIER to see jim by your side with "smoke" in hand. rob and i must experiment with these two concoctions. consider this a request for details.

i'm thrilled for you in this exciting time. the frustrations associated with moving and getting settled will pass. my new approach is the cherish them as part of this process and recognize that each moment exists only once. so far, so good. hang in there laini. you've got magic in your life...and of course...continue to cultivate your magic with words!

tone almhjell said...

Sounds amazing! Wonderful dress, too, and ditto masked arm candy. Does he have a secret identity? Because I hear those guys are really handy in emergencies.

Can't wait to hear more!

Commander Kip said...

Miss Laini, I really like that thingy you're wearing on your face. I want one.

Also, congratulations on moving and all the other awesome things that are happening to you!

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