Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wizard's Tale (Clementine's current favorite book)

Hi there! I haven't posted about Clementine's favorite books in a while. There hasn't been a really clear favorite in a while, but this one is up for its third consecutive read (at 144 pp), and she's quoting it at random, so I think it qualifies. It's The Wizard's Tale by Kurt Busiek, illustrated by David T. Wenzel. It's a kid-appropriate, gorgeously painted graphic novel, and it is wonderful.

(from the flap):

Welcome to the Land of Ever-Night. Bafflerog Rumplewhisker is an evil wizard, from a long line of evil wizards. It's his job to maintain the darkness spells that keep his corner of Ever-Night as dark and gloomy as the rest of it, and to find the long lost BOOK OF WORSE, which holds magical spells that can crush the forces of good forever.

There's only one problem: his heart's just not in it.

So what's a kind-hearted evil wizard to do, when he has to go on a quest to end all hope and light and freedom, for everyone in the world? 

Master storytellers Kurt Busiek and David T. Wenzel invite you to join Bafflerog and his companions -- Gumpwort, an enchanted toad who was once a wizard himself, and Muddle, the third son of a woodcutter who's convinced he'll one day be king -- as they make a journey that may mean the end of everything.

Or maybe, just maybe .... it could mean something else. 

* * *

We weren't sure if it would be Clementine-appropriate, but all the quotes on the back seemed promising, calling it "sweet" and "light" and "warm" and "heartwarming," and it really is just fine, content-wise. It's a high fantasy about evil wizards and the struggle between good and evil, and there's no killing in it, which is awesome. It's a bit tricky trying to find books that have meatier stories for a lengthening attention span and an increasingly sophisticated mind, but that are still age-appropriate for a very young child. This one is! It is a little tense on the first read, when a young reader won't be sure how scary it's going to get. A couple of parts seem to be gearing up to get scary, but they're never over-the-top. It's funny, silly, and cute, with a lovely, unlikely friendship at its center. Also, it's beautiful, with page after page of detailed paintings like these: 

Highly recommended for kids of all ages. Buy it HERE -- or better yet at your local comic book store, and if you're interested in reading more about it, including how it came to be, see HERE. Really interesting piece.

And with that, good night!


Unknown said...

In love with those illustrations. Each one can be pored over for hours finding new things. My youngest would LOVE this. Thanks so much for highlighting it.

H. E. Griffin said...

Thank you!! I'm always searching for good books for my munchkins.

LinWash said...

It seems very delightful. But for some reason, B & N.com lists is as for the mature reader (16 years and older).

Charley Robson said...

You know, I think I shall read this book myself - it sounds like such fun!

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