Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Foreign Edition Love

Hi all! You know I love foreign editions, and today I've gotten some awesomely fun foreign edition love. First, check out the:

sent to me over Twitter by the book designer. Thank you!!!

Isn't it so cool???? Now I just need to go back to Amsterdam and see it in a shop window!

Next, arrived in my mailbox today:

You guys. Estonian!!!!! :-)

And lastly for today, the video book trailer for:

(I've learned via Twitterites that the English edition has been available in the Philippines for a while, and this edition is for the Tagalog-speaking market; I'm also told this publisher does mainly paperback Harlequin-type romances, so I wonder how it will go over!)

This is a great time to remind you about the BOOK TRAILER CONTEST!!! Deadline is May 1; you see above some ideas of how you could do this without shooting original video. It's funny, actually, this publisher pirated some photos that a lovely reader, Katherine, who lives in Hong Kong, staged of herself as Karou while she was in Prague! I'm not sure where they got them, but they look GREAT in the trailer; it's not really kosh to pirate pics, of course!!!

I'll have info any day on the youtube channel that my fabulous UK publisher has put together for posting entries. Soon! 


And P.S. Big thanks to everyone who supported POISON today, its launch day, or plan to support it in coming days. It's coming alone into the world. Help it feel welcome :-)


Unknown said...

I love it when other countries invest on the book, specially enough time to do a book trailer :)
You are a lucky gal Liani ;)

Lyra said...

I would totally buy the Tagalog version to compare how it's translated. I love the way the original English was written, I hope it's comparable. This is awesome. :)

Fletcher of the Day said...

I will certainly send you a photo of 'Dream Daughter' at a Dutch bookseller, but I agree, you should come see it in person!

Kim (YA Asylum) said...

That Dutch over is so gorgeous!

Charley Robson said...

Eeeee, so many awesome covers!

KEW said...

I couldn't be happier or more flattered that the Filipino publishers somehow found my fan photos and used them! Totally ok by me!

Katrina T. said...

I think it's really great that there's going to be a Filipino version of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I rarely see filipino versions of books that I like. We don't even have a filipino version of Harry Potter here. I hope this will get more people to read and discover books. I will still read your books in english though. :)

Ein Osete said...

I love the writer who translated Daughter of Smoke and Bone in Filipino. Plus, Vanessa was known to be a fan and reader of Ms. Taylor. So I really do hope the translated edition would not disappoint. :)

Sarahbotbonkers said...

Wow, that Filipino edition feels pretty epic. From what I read on the trailer, the translation is actually spot on. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. I absolutely adore Daughter of Smoke and Bone. :D

Unknown said...

I agree that the Dutch Cover looks amazing! I'm a Dutch bookblogger who was lucky enough to be sent a copy by the publisher for review and the cover just made me want to read it right away, the story kept me reading until early next morning. Simply couldn't put it down!
I love your book. Thanks so much for writing this piece of art :)

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