Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Book Birthday Part II--UK edition!

HAPPY UK BIRTHDAY, my lovely Days of Blood & Starlight!

Now on the shelves in the UK and Australia and New Zealand, this beautiful edition from my wonderful UK publisher Hodder & Stoughton, who you might remember from this night a year and a half ago (sure to remain forever on my "best days of my life list :-)--here: part I, part II-- and a peek here:

(That's me with editor Kate Howard and Sales & Marketing Director James Spackman :-)

I am so blessed to have such fabulous publishers, and I wish I could be in London to see the books on the shelves! 

One very exciting piece of news is that Waterstone's, the major book retail chain in the UK, has selected Daughter of Smoke & Bone for their Paperbacks of the Year promotion, which makes it part of the amazing buy-a-book-get-another-half-price deal that they do (sign me up for that please :-). 

I've also just received word that on publication day (today), Days of Blood & Starlight went into a second printing!! So hurray for that! Thank you so much to UK readers for support.

* * *

So, I am in Texas right now (for the first time ever) and today was the first day of my book tour, after having the launch party last night at Powell's Books in Portland (thank you Powell's and Portlanders, friends and family and readers who came out on election day!!!). Today was a perfectly perfect day of book tour, it really couldn't have been more wonderful. Thank you Houston! I flew in early, met my wonderful Little Brown publicist Lisa Moraleda at the airport, and after a quick lunch of "salad trio" at a deli, went to the most ginormous high school complex I have ever seen. It's called Alief-Hastings, and I guess it's a number of schools all next to each other? Anyway: huge. I met with students from the book club, and it was the best, because they had almost all read Daughter, and were just the coolest kids, so engaged and bright and full of questions and thoughts. It's clear they have great librarians there, which has made all the difference in the world in the school visits I have done. (I [heart] librarians.) (And teenagers :-)

Then, this evening I was at Blue Willow Books, a great indie bookstore, one of only three indie bookstores in all the massiveness that is Houston, I am told. Another huge thanks to Blue Willow for a full house. I wish I had pictures but I don't, but I WILL. Right now I just need to pass out. 

Seriously the best possible book tour day. YAY READERS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! 


Irene said...

I just ordered a copy of Days of Blood & Starlight. Sometimes living in Holland isn't so convenient, because I have to wait a couple of days longer.. The Agony! (haha, just kidding, I'll manage another day or two).

Unknown said...

I am a librarian and I heart you back! I have been torn between reading Days of Blood and Starlight as fast as I can because I CAN'T WAIT and trying to make it last as long as possible because it's SO GOOD. Thanks for writing stuff I love so much! :)

Anonymous said...

And when is going to be translated to Spanish? I'm dying to rad it!!

Erin Johnson said...

I was in London for a conference today (during which I extolled the virtues of YA literature to a welcoming audience). On my way home, I popped into the lovely Waterstones on Gower St. (close to the British Museum) and bought their first copy of DAYS right out of the tub it had been shipped to the store in. I had so much fun reading the beginning on the train home that I got distracted and had to rush to get off again when I arrived at my station. Looking forward to reading the rest!

Raina said...

I got days of blood and starlight in the post this morn and am about to settle down to read it now my sons in bed hehe have been waiting for this for ages :-D

June G said...

I'm reading it now and trying to prolong it so that it doesn't end too soon. It's like a tasty treat I look forward to sinking my teeth into daily! I love how you've changed it up and given an intimate look at a number of characters. It's awesome. Much congratulations on your success. You're amazingly talented and deserve every bit of it.

christine grant said...

fuck you germany :) ... i need this book!!! <3

Charley Robson said...

I'm off to order my hardback right now - so happy for you! Those costumes too . . . *dribbles*

I wish you could come to the UK too! I'd love to meet you myself :D

Kate said...

Sounds so fun!!!
Librarians! Got to love them!
And I think Blue Willow is one of the loveliest names for a bookstore! Blue Willow now officially added to my list of bookstores I must visit. Which I just decided to officially start making as of now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bugger- I've finished it already!!!!!! 4 days it took me, I was hooked but now have to wait for the next one!!!! Gutted! Please release it soon!!!!! ; )

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