Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh hello 2012. YOU'RE EARLY.

[persistent, inhuman, perfect rhythmic knocking]

Me: [cracks open door] Oh. 2012. It's you. 

2012: [Says nothing, just looms there, all unnerving and clad in deadlines.]

Me: Um. To be honest, I'm not quite ready for you. If you wouldn't mind waiting on the porch while I finish, um, doing my hair? Thanks. 

2012: [Doesn't move a freaking muscle.]

Me: Okay OKAY. You've got me. It's not my hair. It's my book! I'm still working on it! But it's getting there. If you'll just WAIT. What's your rush?  Maybe, um, maybe you and 2011 could just hang out and chat for a few weeks? He can give you some pointers on how to be a completely spectacular year? Because seriously, 2012, I do not know HOW you are going to top 2011.

2012: [Makes the slightest of movements, just enough to set deadlines rustling.]

Me: OKAY OKAY FINE. Come in. But I am NOT getting you coffee.

[Ten seconds later]

Me: [Meek.] I was just kidding. Can I get you coffee? I have this awesome new espresso maker. My agent gave it to me for Christmas. I think it's her way of telling me to sleep less and work more? Heh heh. And I only sleep like five hours a night! You'll see! I am working my A-- OFF! Don't look at me like that!

2012: [Leans against the wall and crosses arms.]

Okay. So. I'm still working, and I am totally down to the wire. I need to update online info, since I've been getting a lot of emails asking when the sequel to Daughter is coming out and the answer is this fall, but I will not be here much in the coming weeks. I will leave this portrait of me here so you can imagine me at work:

Happy happy happiest new year!

See you soon!

(Peek back, though, I probably won't be able to resist little posts. I would miss you!)










Leigh Covington said...

LOL! Oh goodness --- that picture with the mouse in the frogs mouth is freaking me out!

Good luck with 2012 and I hope you accomplish all that you need to! :)

Jennifer Morian Frye said...

Hope the new year brings you great things, though I'm sure your last year will be tough to beat. : )


jone said...

Hilarious Laini. May 2012 be a good one for you regardless of the looming deadlines.

Catherine Denton said...

It's probably good you got him coffee.

Commander Kip said...


Mouse: Halp.

Happy New Year!


Oh, I just started following your blog! But that's okay, since you're working on the sequel of Daughter! I'll be looking forward to your check ins and drooling for the sequel! May the muses be on your shoulders!!


Wyman Stewart said...

Frog-A-Mighty! Is that you? Think you've found one of my relatives! He was mouse-ready when the internet came along. (Hi Mouse!) Ahead of his time! Thanks Laini! Happy New Year! Like a fine wine, you'll only get better in 2012.

Laurence King said...

Happy New year and happy writing to you, Laini! Do peek in once in a while, for I would miss you too much...

D.B. Smyth said...

ROFL! Love the pic. Happy new year and good luck with the writing deadlines. *waves pom poms*

June G said...

Looking forward to your updates. You'll make your deadlines. I know you will :-)

tone almhjell said...

Oh god. Please say the mouse is okay. Please.

steam cleaning Sacramento said...

I sincerely say you come up with some superb points and I will submit a number of thoughts to add to briefly.

garden.poet said... excited. I love your blog. It actually adds something to completely fantastic undescribably awesome books to see that author as *gasp* an actual person. Time flies, doesn't it. Delays would be forgivable in the face of such delight. :)

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