Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Karou sightings ...

Hey guys! Happy belated Halloween! I thought I would share some Karou sightings. She's been popping up all over ...

From her hamsas (below from various events on tour) ...

hand-drawn! :-)

To her hair ...

Little, Brown sent blue wigs and other shwag to all the bookstores where I had events, and some booksellers were game to wear them (above, University Bookstore, Seattle) others not so much. Of those who did (thank you!), many looked SO GOOD WITH BLUE HAIR!

A Chicago-area Barnes & Noble, on publication day!

Foreground left, at Powell's, here in Portland:

Denver's Tattered Cover, such a good look!

And this chap (at left) from Redondo Beach's Mysterious Galaxy (at right is my editor's fiance :-)

There were more. Oh, booksellers, you were such good sports. And gorgeous :-)

But wait! There are masks too!

And ... full costumes. So awesome.

(Above) This is so awesome. Look: it's Karou and Lola (from Lola and the Boy Next Door), together! These two beautiful ladies work at HarperCollins, I *think*. Ha ha, infiltration of other publishing houses!

And here, this gorgeous Karou is a Scholastic editor. The details!

Aaaaand, at Little, Brown. Look, a Karou, a Laini (ha! Or just a coincidence?), a devil, and ... 
YES, that IS marionette Zuzana. How awesome is that costume???

Here she is again (Faye Bi, a publicity asst. at LB), in Vail at the Sirens conference:

And now for something completely different. Are you ready? 















Ho. Lee. Sh**. 

How great is this??!!??

She's got the hamsas, the "true" and "story", the tooth necklace, bullet scars,
sketchbook, scorched handprint ...



find Nataloons on flickr

If you have other Karou or Daughter-related photos to share, please send! I love it!


Laini Taylor said...
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Connie Onnie said...

I love all these pictures!

I got some tattoo's at my local bookstore but I am saving them for something special.

Ava said...

Hi, Laini!

My name's Ava, we met for a second time at your Huntington Beach signing - I'm the girl who made you the Hogwarts letter (I really hope you liked it!) - and I just wanted to say thank you for coming down to Southern California, it was such a joy to see you again. You're so inspiring, thank you thank you thank you for writing YA!

Until next time,

Unknown said...

Such great pics AND...I love this book so much. I'm not by nature a gusher but you are such a gifted writer. Can't wait for the next one!

Jessica Lindsay said...

Hello! I happily met you in Chicago--I'm one of the two Amazonian redheaded sisters. :) I dressed as Karou for Halloween at our school and carried your book to flash to students and faculty. I posted the pic

Thank you again for sharing both your beautiful stories and your beautiful spirit!

Life is Good(ell) said...

What fun! The marionette Zuzana is incredible, but masked Clementine is my favorite! :o) I wish I could have been at the Powell's signing ...

Rex Venom said...


Rock on!

Jill Kaplan said...

thats awesome! can you post other photos from the tour?

Michelle said...

Awesome photos. :D I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to the steal the one with Allison and I to share with the podcast.

I had a death in the family so we're running a bit behind, but we hope to have the podcast up on Monday or Tuesday of next week. :) Take care Laini!

- Michelle (

LemurKat said...

Those are awesome. I am going to a "Dress as your favourite fictional character' party this friday and am going to attempt to dress as Karou. She's one of my favourite fictional characters, after all. I am so looking forward to the next book!

Should I buy a wig, or just dye my hair? Hmmm, quandry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laini.

I love the books! This Halloween I'm going to try to dress as Karou. I have the hair! ;) About a month ago I died my hair blue and I love it! :D I just found out about the film adaptation and I'm so excited! :D I live in Canada and haven't been to one of your signings:(, so I hope you come back to Canada :D

Anyway, bye. :)


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