Friday, May 20, 2011

Vietri Sul Mare

Another belated Italy post -- I just never got around to finishing!! -- these pictures are from Christmas week on the Amalfi Coast. Vietri Sul Mare is a ceramics town, and we had to take a little day trip there, of course. It was me and Jim and Clementine and my mom; the rest of my family occupied themselves elsewise that day.

Jim and I have a set of Vietri dishes that we inherited from my grandmother, and we took the opportunity of being there to fill it out some. My having dropped a whole stack of plates last year had something to do with it, but not everything! We're just slowly trying to add to what we have to make a full set, enough place settings and pieces for big holiday meals, etc. 

Like all the Amalfi Coast town, Vietri is pretty. All the towns are embellished with ceramic tile art, but none so much as here.

All over the coast, even the church domes are tiled.

It was a misty day, the hills wore cloaks.

We had our first real pizza. And this is the region of Naples, so this is pizza.

As for shopping, the streets are lined with ceramics stores, but we were after this one style, so we hit the Solimene factory, this monstrosity:

I should have taken more pictures inside. I got all greedy and side-tracked and forgot all about my camera. But oh my word the teetering piles of ceramics!!! 

We didn't get a ton, shipping is just too expensive. (But Italian pottery is so stupid-expensive in the States that it's still cheaper to buy there and ship, especially since we were able to pick through the "seconds" and find some discounted stuff.)


Love the wine glasses! Can't wait to display them!

Clementine obligingly napped through the entire shop. Thank you, darling!
And darling carrier of darling Clementine too :-)

On our way out, the sun had set. Christmas lights were sparkling on.

And here, one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip. Just love it.


Commander Kip said...

Whoo, that last photo is quite the knockout. As are your beautiful dishes. XD

tone almhjell said...

I love that last photo. Sometimes you get a shot that conveys the whole feeling of a particular journey. As if a journey or a phase of your life or a summer a color, and that picture captures it.

By the way, Magnus and I are going to the playground later. He's into sand showers and climbing stairs. You have to come! We can bring lunch (cinnamon buns, since it's pretend! Really dripping with sugary butter!) and get coffee from the coffee shop next door.

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