Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Foreign editions!!!

Look what just came in the mail! German Lips Touch! So exciting. I lovelovelove foreign editions, and as a writer I have always had this vision of one day having a bookcase of all my own (and Jim's) books in many languages and alphabets and with many covers and spines. Well, that is a wish with two parts: the bookcase, and the books themselves! The bookcase is the much easier part of the dream, for sure! Well, I guess I always thought the dream would be a long-in-coming gradual collection, and it will be for sure, but it's getting a big boost this year!

For one thing, the bookcase is under construction! It will be the first thing you see on entering the new library (which is almost finished and ready to paint!!!) Ready to go on it are my ARCs and audios and a few foreign editions so far of my first three books.

And to come . . . 

I am excited beyond words that Daughter of Smoke and Bone has sold in twenty foreign territories so far!!!! Here they are:

  • CHINESE - Complex  Sun Color Culture Publishing Co. Ltd.   
  • CHINESE - Simplified  Hachette - Phoenix Cultural Development Ltd., Co.    
  • CROATIAN  Algoritam Ltd.   
  • CZECH  Euromedia Group K.S.   
  • DANISH  Bazar Forlag AS   
  • FINNISH  Tammi Publishers   
  • FRENCH  Editions Gallimard Jeunesse   
  • GERMAN  S. Fischer Verlag   
  • GREEK  S. Patakis Publications S.A.   
  • HEBREW  Modan Publishing House   
  • INDONESIAN  Pt Gramedia Pustaka Utama   
  • ITALIAN  Fazi Editore   
  • KOREAN  Random House Korea, Inc.   
  • NORWEGIAN  Bazar Forlag AS   
  • POLISH  Wydawnictwo Amber, Sp.   
  • PORTUGUESE  Editora Intrinseca   
  • RUSSIAN  Ast-Release Ltd.   
  • SLOVAK  Ikar A.S. (Slovak)   
  • SWEDISH  Bazar Forlag AS 
  • ... and UK: Hodder & Stoughton, which includes Aus/NZ, Ireland, South Africa, and other Commonwealth countries

    WOW! Thank you Little, Brown foreign rights people for making this happen! And my agent Jane Putch of course the UK sale. As you know, I [heart] Hodder :-) There are more countries I have fingers crossed for, like the Netherlands (come ON, Netherlands, please??) and Spain, and I don't even really know what other ones to hope for. This is new to me!


    J said...

    Wow Laini! That is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing cover! It makes me wish I read German... :D

    Ina said...

    The German cover is beautiful! And what an impressive list of foreign sales. Norway! Hurrah!

    Tinker said...

    Wow, just look at all those foreign editions...Congrats!

    Commander Kip said...

    GAH, so gorgeous! I ought to get one and make my dad read it to me; he reads German. Hmm. *plotting*

    Andrea Eames said...

    How exciting!! Congratulations!! My first foreign edition is coming out in July (the Netherlands) - I can't even imagine how it would feel to be in 20 countries!

    --jenna said...

    Oh, excellent! Libraries are just about non-existent here in Brazil, but I will be buying some Portuguese editions for friends to start their OWN book collections...any idea when these will be "out?"

    Evie said...

    Gorgeous cover!

    Amber said...

    Holy MOLY, LOOK AT YOU!!


    Unknown said...

    In Poland, "daughter" is very popular! All reviews express delight your book! Waiting for part 3! :)

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