Friday, March 25, 2011

A Frivolous Interim London Post . . . About Shoes

Since I haven't had time to finish the "My British Publishers Are So Awesome" post (Clementine is under the weather + the writing is rolling = no time for long blogs!), but I wanted to put up something, so here it is. Shoes! Appropriate considering the note upon which I left the last post!

These pretties were spied in a shop window at Spitalfields Market, and now I cannot quite fathom how I did not buy them. Well. Maybe they're expensive. I don't even know because I did not go in the shop.

What??? Why???

There was group hunger. Baby unrest. We had to find a place to eat.  I thought I'd come back, but didn't. Anyway, those above really look like they need to be owned by me. I'd probably rare-to-never wear them, but what does that matter when it comes to shoes? (Just kidding.) 


Here's the shop, Dolly Dare:

It's at the perimeter of the Spitalfields Marketplace on Commercial Lane:

photo from Dolly Dare website

They have another location, I see, in candy stripes. Yum:

photo from Dolly Dare website

Well, that's all for now, apart from this little glimpse back to the night of the party:














Getting my makeup. Look at that teased up hair!

Have a great weekend; see you soon :-)

[Updated to add: 


Thank you Steph for pointing out the brand. It hadn't clicked. Irregular Choices, and here is their amayyyyyyyyyzing website, drool o drool drool. Now to go see if they ship to the US ... They DO! Halleluja! Joy! But ... My wallet needs to behave right now. *heavy sigh* Stay right there Irregular Choices. I will find you again :-)]


mel said...

i'm totally NOT a shoe-person (you know the kind i mean) but those are FAB!

i'd never wear 'em either, but they sure would look purty in my closet...

paris parfait said...

Oh what fun! And you can order them online, Laini. Love the glimpse of you and the costume...hope you're enjoying every minute of London.

Catherine Denton said...

Oh my gosh, those are you! Love them!! Guess you'll just have to go back. ;)
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Stephanie Perkins said...

I'm not a huge shoe person, but I *LOVE* Irregular Choice. They have a store in NYC, and I visit every time I visit. :)

I have a cool yellow pair with see-through heels and a pattern of Rock & Roll records! Hee hee.

I can't wait to see the rest of your costume!!!

Suzanne said...

Egads! Peep-toes with cupcakes on them?!? Yummy! I mean, pretty... no, I mean yummy. Whatever. Awesome.

tone almhjell said...

Love at first sight, then. You have to have them. I'm pretty sure they're not so expensive you couldn't consider them a little present to yourself for having written Daughter. (which is, you know, going to be HUGE, and I've tipped my Norwegian publisher friends about it. Norwegian rights haven't sold yet, right? Just doing them a favour.)

I had a similar relationship with a pair of purple, sparkly repetto ballets, which I got at an insanely cheap price. I went ahead and ruined them on by stepping in beer slosh on our second date. Can't forgive myself.

MizMary said...

More costume pix, please!!!!! And cuter than cute shoes - so YOU!


tanita✿davis said...

Irregular Choice is one of my fave shoes to just LOOK at; we have them at a shop called Schuh here in Glasgow, and I often just stand and gaze upon them.

Sadly, I can't walk in shoes that high, with any modicum of grace or ability to cross streets, walk on cobblestone or move quickly defend myself from the random ned and/or rabid corgi, so -- no IC's for me. But the cute cannot be denied.

Rachael said...

Irregular Choice shoes... So gorgeous! These are the kinds of shoes that fill my dreams.

If you like them, I would also encourage you to check out Miss L Fire brand shoes. Equally bright, British, and outrageous!

Alysa Stewart said...

ooh, so awesome! I love them. I have spent too much time on their website, now. Looking forward to the rest of their costume.

~Michelle~ said...

Drool indeed!

Stacy said...

I was reading this awesome post next to my three year old daughter. As I tried to scroll down to read she kept scrolling up to see The Pretty Shoes. Bedtime was delayed for twenty minutes as she assigned owners to each if the featured shoes. And she hopped out of bed and 'borrowed' my iPhone in an attempt to see them again. Thanks for the hilarity! (and my new pretend shoes!)

Jessica said...

I visited the Irregular Choice shop in New York this winter and totally fell in love. They are amazing!

Anonymous said...

If I saw those shoes anywhere I would have immediately thought of you Fattae. They look like someone you would have hired to be your own personal shoe designer.

Laini Taylor said...

Stacy, that is too awesome. Ha ha! Even at 19 months, Clementine already has some really girly ways when it comes to things like clothes and chapstick :-)

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