Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Essaouira: What the Cats and Gulls Want

Just what does this cat find so enthralling?

Could it be lunch . . . ?

Eating in Essaouira was fun. Though we were there in the lowest of low season (early December), when tourists were thin on the ground and many restaurants were closed, the fish stalls were in full swing. They're right by the entrance to the harbor.

A row of plain, open-air restaurants without menus. 

Essentially, here is the menu:

Pick what you want, and they will cook it and set it before you along with a simple salad and some good fresh bread. After all the tagines and couscous we'd been having inland, this ultra simple meal fresh from the fishing boat was a nice change. 

We ate a lot.

And were serenaded, which was nice.

These stalls aren't just for tourists either. There were lots of Moroccans indulging too. 

As for the seagulls, they only wished.

* * *

Thanks for the well wishes for Clementine. She's on the mend, and I was able to get away to the cafe to write this morning, whew. And it was so good, one of those days when I fell into the scene and forgot my real-world surroundings -- in which I was seriously aided by a sweet recent surprise prezzie from Jim: Bose noise-cancelling head phones, holy WOW! They make the world go away! I lurve them -- and I had FUN! I love fun writing. I love writing scenes I want to *be* in, you know, places and situations I wish I could live. And I get to live them this way, and bring other willing folks along with me.

How cool is that?


Q said...

I adore that you are eating off of real plates. And I really want fresh fish now.

tone almhjell said...

Amazingly cool, that's what it is. Last day in the laundromat here. Can't wait to get back to the tower on hill/crypt with fireplace/creaky old house with clocks that tick too slowly where I would love to be writing my own stuff.

I love the scruffy looking cat. I love the plates that are like my grandmother's. Most of all I love the Pie-Dad hug. So glad she's better.

beth said...

Wow, beautiful images. Fish sounds great!
BTW my girls had many ear infections. Some warm sea salt in a cloth against the ear always made them feel better.
Love your blog.

Msb said...

I like your pictures. My camera is my lifeline. A few years ago I only had a simple point and shoot. One of my pesky but beautiful children was handling it when, kerplunk, it fell hard to the ground. It broke and it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I literally started hyperventilating. Lesson learned. My equipment is now off limits to little people.

Laini Taylor said...

Q, yeah, the plates are cute!

Tone, yay, back to your own wondrous world :-)

Beth, that sounds very soothing!

MacDougal, I must be careful with the camera and Clementine. Not a toy. NOT A TOY!!!! Which of course just makes her want it more :-)

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