Friday, February 23, 2018


I'm thrilled beyond words that Strange the Dreamer was selected as a Michael L. Printz honor book. I really can't tell you what this silver sticker means to me. Awards are such a rare gift that I try really hard to not even hope, because...what are the chances? There are so many amazing books published each year. I live in constant awe of the quality and artistry and importance of the books being published for teens, and so to think that Strange the Dreamer was considered to be fills my heart. A huge, HUGE thank you to the amazing librarians who are on the committee this year. I can't wait to meet you in New Orleans!  <3


JulesTheNorweegie said...

That is fantastic, and so so well deserved!
You are a weaver of words and true inspiration :) I went to Devil's Stream earlier this month! Prague was beautiful, and I tended to just wander and occasionally get lost in the Old Town *smiles*

Laini Taylor said...

Ahhh, I'm so envious! I haven't been in years!!

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