Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Some recent awesome fan art!

Fan art is one of my favorite things! Thank you so much to everyone who applies their creativity to my characters. I LOVE IT!

These first three from BlackBirdInk in Moldova!


Hurray, a tattoo! Thank you!!!! :-) :-)

These are pieces I can't credit with links; they're originals that were given to me at events. On the left,  by Marla Rios, on the right, by CassT:

This Ziri by (I think) "Siddob" in "the place with the kangaroos" :-)

by Tris Kelsey:

Photo by Effy. So cool:

Kitties say hi! 

1 comment:

Laurence King said...

Gorgeous fan art!!! I particularly love the first one of Karou and the one of Suzana. Amazing!

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