Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sayulita, Mexico

Gosh what happened to my blog? I don't know. But I never even put up pictures from the rest of the Mexico trip in December! So here are some, as I pine for sun in the midst of an Oregon February.

This is Sayulita, a tiny town about 45 minutes out of Puerto Vallarta. 

There are tons of awesome house rentals. Here's the view from ours:

It's an open-air style house, which I love. Only the bedrooms are fully enclosed. See more pics here and consider booking it. Gorgeous. We shared with our friends from Portland who came down to meet us. Also rented a golf cart for getting around. What gringos :-)

Iguana tree!

It was such a lovely short holiday.

I will be back with pics of the AMAZING book event in Mexico City, the best event I've ever had by a zillion miles. I love you, Mexico!!!


Laurence King said...

Hello Laini! So nice to hear from you :-) Mexico is where I long to be right now; we are buried in snow here in Boston with arctic temperatures. I need warmth and color!!! Hope all is well with you. XO

Nina's momma said...

Just read this and thought of Dreamdark.
I wonder if they call her Feather?

Emma said...

You always seem to find the most colorful parts of cities!

J F Castillo said...

Love the pictures! So colorful!

Unknown said...

hi I'm laura from Italy ... when the third book of Karou's story will comes in italy?

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