Monday, October 13, 2014

MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME is almost here!!!

It's here! Publication day for MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME is TOMORROW!!! Have you ordered it yet? I can talk about this book in a way I can't talk about my own books because I only wrote one-twelfth of it, so it's only a one-twelfth brag when I say this collection is AWESOME and you should give it liberally as a gift this holiday season. Give it to aaaaaaall your friends. It's FABULOUS!

The US edition (above) is subtitled "Twelve Holiday Stories." The UK edition went with "Twelve Winter Romances." Both true. The genesis of the anthology was at YALLfest last year (on a side note, are you coming to YALLfest? It's coming up. COME!) talking about a shared love of made-for-television Christmas romance movies with Myra McEntire, and then a week or so later another spark leapt on the kindling of the idea and ignited it: WHY AREN'T THERE YA BOOKS LIKE THOSE MOVIES? 

So she created one :-) 

Here are the US and UK editions side by side. I love them both.

Though it's hard to compete with a liberal use of hot pink...but maybe that's just me :-)

Here's my story, "The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer":

This story was a delight to write. See, I was trying to write this other story. Or trying to start it. I had kind of an idea for a wintery romancey story, but it wasn't very developed. Which is fine. I prefer things not to be too developed in the early stages. But I couldn't really get a toehold to get started. I just wasn't very enthusiastic. 

And then I was on a train from Portland to Seattle, this gorgeous ride, with my laptop on my lap, and a first line popped into my head that had nothing to do with that story. So I just followed it to see where it would lead, and pretty soon I had plague orphans and dead twins, a sure recipe for a romantic holiday story! Ah ha ha, maybe not, but I was sure the romance was there somewhere, and it was. That was a terrific train ride, and I love this story. Hope you do too!!

Also, cute illustrations, right? They're by Jim Tierney.

Here are some of the other stories, along with their first lines. Some of my favorite writers!

You're totally going to order some, right? :-)

*note, Powell's page is erroring at the moment; will fix this link when they do!

And guess what! Powell's also has an order page for the UK edition, if you want to get that! 


Laurence King said...

I can't tell you how excited I've been about this book. The title alone made me swoon and then all those amazing authors... So, yes, I am totally buying this book :-)

Alysa Stewart said...

Oh! I had seen this on the interwebs but somehow missed that you were one of the authors! how exciting!

tone almhjell said...

Best Christmas gift idea ever! Again! I opted for the UK version, but they're both so absolutely lovely. (Anyone on my Christmas gift list here? Shoo. Look away.)

h said...

Loved your story in this! Your writing and images were gorgeous. It's the kind of writing that inspires creativity in someone else, that's for sure. Definitely looking forward to your next books!

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