Wednesday, June 11, 2014


flea market door, Paris

Hi! I'M HOME! At last. It's been an amazing 6-ish weeks. I haven't updated here for a while, but I've been posting pics on Twitter (here) if you want to see what we've been up to in France and then, last week, Phoenix Comicon :-) Amazing as our travels were, it's soooo good to be home! Chores galore, but soon those will be managed and we'll be back into a normal life routine, including full immersion in NEW BOOK PROJECT(s)! YAY!

I came across this quote at some point online and scribbled it down in my notebook. It feels like a good time to share it:

"One reason people have artist's block is that they do not respect the law of dormancy in nature. Trees don't produce fruit all year long constantly. They have a point when they go dormant. 

And when you are in a dormant period creatively, if you can arrange your life to do the technical tasks that don't take creativity, you are essentially preparing for the spring when it will all blossom again."

-Marshall Vandruff

I've not been entirely idle these past weeks, but any non-idleness has been low pressure and exploratory. Some writers dive straight from one book to another, but I've found that I need time to refill the well with feathers and glitter and butterflies, and there's no better way to do this than travel! I'm happy to report that my well is feeling sparkly again! Oh, it's so good to be home and embarking on a new book journey. (Details on that to come!)

I think I'll be around here on the blog more frequently this summer. I hope so, anyway. I've missed it, and missed you! *HUG*


Heidi said...

Ooooooh! Welcome back! I hope another DreamDark book is coming... :)

tanita✿davis said...

We're just back from five days in Portland - amazing city. We waved at every pink-haired girl we saw, in your honor.

Funny and very Portland: they waved back.

Connie Onnie said...

So glad you guys stopped in Phoenix it was fun to see you! After I left I was sad I didn't get a picture, and that I didn't gush about DOGAM. I love when I get a whole series signed, it feels complete.

Laurence King said...

Welcome home, Laini! It was fun to follow your travels through the pictures you posted. You definitely covered some ground! Did you ever find a cute little chateau to buy? ;-)
That quote is PERFECT! I find myself nearing the end of my dormancy and about to start a new book project too (BTW, got a request for a full MS. Fingers crossed :-)
Can't wait to hear about your project(s)!

Jordan said...

Welcome back! I have been reading Gods and Monsters (after rereading the previous two) and bursting into ugly tears on public transit. Looking forward to the next book.

Anonymous said...

Been looking through your blog posts hoping to find news of a new book/series and I finally did! Can't wait to hear on that but in the meanwhile, your photos have been making me miss traveling so much! The places that you've been too seem amazing!

Unknown said...

Welcome home Laini! I was able to see you at the Huntington Beach Barnes & Noble signing, thank you for being so lovely! I brought you a bag with a letter and some small gifts and I do hope you got it :-) Can't wait to see what a replenished sparkly well brings!
Angelina Nguyen

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