Friday, January 24, 2014

Journals, Travel, and the Great Daughter of Smoke & Bone Re-Read!

I found the most gorgeous journal yesterday at favorite store Cargo! Look, it's so beautiful.

It makes me want to travel and write, which in any case are my two burning desires this year. To write while traveling, travel while writing. With Jim and Clementine. In faraway lands. 

Dream dream.

It's mostly lined journal pages...

...but there are sections of moveable paper art throughout:

It's by fashion designer Christian Lacroix of all people.


This dude's coat opens to show a ribcage full of birds and flowers. (see 1st pic) Neat!

I've been wanting to do some journaling. At the end of a big project I feel this huge sense of possibility and also this sense of flopping around like a fish in the bottom of a rowboat. (Speaking of fish, at Cargo I also found the funniest kitschy wind-up, light-up fish toy that will drive my parents' cats wild.)

It's funny to me that I still haven't been able to settle down and process the finishedness and the new year that lies ahead. Seeing this journal, I grabbed it like it was a solution. Yes! This will help! I can write all the things in here! All the stories jostling for position can clear their throats and audition. All the travel destinations waving signal flags trying to get my attention, they can present their pitches. And all the other stuff in the looming wondrous year ahead. I can start to sort it out. Make plans. I like plans. Especially when they involve travel and new book ideas! (And chocolate.)

Say, have you heard about:

Sign up and either read or re-read it with us! It's just started! This week we're reading Chpts 1-14. Get on board. We'll have an online chat at the end (some time right around Valentine's Day) and I'll answer questions and stuff. I hope you'll join us and get ready for DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS on April 8th!

Remember this? Way back at the beginning, this is how it all started ...


Shveta said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous journal! I especially love the Mumbai insert.

Yay for rereads and travel options! It's like a big candy store. What colorful, delicious treat do you dive into first?

Anonymous said...

I finished rereading SMOKE AND BONE this morning, and I am already 100 pages into rereading BLOOD AND STARLIGHT.

It's my favourite trilogy EVER!

Evie said...

Can't wait to see which new project idea wins your full attention!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited!

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