Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hello and goodbye, friends. I am retreating. Tomorrow. I am vanishing into a cocoon of writerly, book-finishy silence. Away from home, away from humanity (well, not really, but there will be less humanity there.) No company. No family. No writing kindred spirits. No books to read. And no internet. A key component of retreating is wirelesslessness, and I am ready to RELISH IT. 

(Add to that: WRITE YOUR NOVEL.)

So long, twitter and email and pinterest and even, you evil gateway to internet time-wasting. Packing, just now, I pulled my paper dictionary and thesaurus off the shelf and paused, contemplating them. All three or four pounds of them. And I put them back. 

I'm going dictionaryless, y'all. 


I'm jittery tonight and full of anxiety, because I've piled a lot of hopes on this retreat, and there's the negative little voice in my head going, "You can't do it. You won't finish," and that would be bad. But I'm also really excited about the possibility of MASSIVE UNINTERRUPTED PRODUCTIVITY. I've retreated three times before, always in a hotel in downtown Portland, mere miles from home, for two days, three days. And it was life-saving. Huge surges in word count far, far beyond my norm. And at the end there was always that feeling -- bundled along with desperately missing my family -- that if I only had another day or two, what I couldn't accomplish! So I'm taking a day or two more. Actually -- ulp! -- a week.

Thanks to my sweet husband for making it possible, and sorry to my sweet Clementine who's not pleased, but who will have a lovely time with her papa ... who has just finished a massive deadline of his own (woooo!!!!)

Wish me luck. I'll be back in a week.


Just because.


Kaye M. said...

Best of luck! I wish I could do a retreat at this point, but I suppose my best bet is just unplugging everything and closing my blinds.

Liana said...

Good luck, Laini!! You're a smart one for knowing and DOING what you need to do to accomplish great things. :) Go! Fight! Win!

Laurence King said...

Yes, good, good luck to you, Laini! And may the Gods of Writing look kindly upon you. Go conquer those words and come back victorious!

Teresa said...

Buona fortuna!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Laini! I love the idea of a writing retreat and I bet this one will be as successful as your others!

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