Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

I've undertaken some gingerbread houses with Clementine this year, and I was so excited about it, but man, I have a new appreciation for the adorable ones I see. It's an art form for sure. Ours are currently sitting roofless on the kitchen island, and may remain so. But these, these are my inspiration. So very lovely. 

I find myself most drawn to the simple ones with just gingerbread and white icing, not the crazy elaborate ones (with some exceptions, below).

And these lovely simple ornaments:

A little fancier ...

A city building, so sweet:

And Villa Villekulla! Love!

And Moominhouse!

And a dragon!

And a whole interior!

But really I most love the simplest ones, like these sweet deer:

I love little displays and tableaux with vintage deer:

And if you want to make some gingerbread houses without gingerbread?

These adorable paper ones:

Did you make any gingerbread this year?


Connie Onnie said...

I made some clay ornaments this year and while I was buying the supplies and watching online tutorials I was amazed at all the different mediums there are. I just love that there are so many ways to be creative.

Jackie said...

I've gotta make a gingerbread house one of these days. There are so many lovely kits and I love the candy! I suppose rice crispies would work too.

Shveta said...

What Connie said! Creativity plus determination equals amazing. :) I'm constantly awed by what others come up with, and it inspires me to push my own sense of the possible.

Speaking of which, Laini, you have got to see this gingerbread hobbit hole!

Krista Kays Adventures said...

Hi Laini,
We met at SCBWI in Grand Rapids, MI. I have a 3 1/2 yr old son. We tried the gingerbread house last year, what was I thinking!! I had both hands on the roof trying to let it dry a bit so it would stick and my son used the time to get into trouble. It turned out really cute but took me the rest of the day to clean my kitchen after the attack of the 2 year old.
Julie Staffen

Erika said...

Laini, I am absolutely in love with your gingerbread creations! I love the simple white icing, definitely a Christmas classic. I made gingerbread moose this year, and gave them each holiday sweaters:

Merry Christmas :)

cristina said...

Hi Laini! I was trying to email this link to you but it wouldn't go through for whatever reason. In any case, I thought you might like this artists I found:

Her name is Jennybird Alcantara, and I recently saw some of her work at an art fair here in Miami Beach. It is GORGEOUS! And reminded me oh so much of chimaera! One of the pieces I saw, I swear, seemed a portrait of Madrigal. And yet not. love love. Hope you like!

Brenna said...

For someone who doesn't really like deer a lot, I sure saw a lot of them. :)

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