Monday, September 17, 2012

Make Things


Now that we've begun earnestly doing crafts around here (Clementine having developed enough patients for multi-step projects), there are so many things I want to make! Here is a sampling of *gasp* cuties that aren't too technically challenging, to perhaps try in the nearish future. That mouse above with the little sleeping bag? Oh my. Look, slumber party:

More sleepy mousies, these in Altoid tins:

Gourd village! Love. 

Popsicle stick girls

Tube girl:

Favorite tube craft:

These paper doll chains fascinated me as a kid:


Come sailing?

Nap. I love doll beds.

Box theater! So making this.

Box HEADS. Because why wouldn't you do this? In your wacky pajamas.

Tiny villages: 

Look! Alice in Wonderland spool dolls! 

Shadow puppets! 

Construction paper bird. This could be GREAT.

Have done this one. Fun! Mine says: hello my dear

Love love love mix-n-match! Are these on cheap cork coasters? Brilliant!

I cold make weird dolls forever.
(Mind you, anyone who fears I am making dolls instead of writing, I do not. 
I mostly just pin them on Pinterest :-)

Like any of these?


LinWash said...

Love the sleeping mice in their little beds!!! So adorable.

Anonymous said...

I adore the Alice in Wonderland spool dolls. Did you see instructions for them somewhere? I am the least crafty person on earth, but these are so cute that I'd like to attempt them.

Connie Onnie said...

All the tiny beds and houses and theater puppets are just to cute!

Kate said...

Cool! It's so amazing how creative people are! :) Makes the world a funner place! :)

Laurence King said...

Oh, Laini, these are just the cutest things ever! I wish I still had a little person around to make some of these projects with.

Jeni said...

I love the slumber party ideas! Not sure I can pull off the first set of mouse sleeping bags, but the Altoid tin idea might be doable. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! <3

P.S. - I'm writing a book and I was wondering what steps you take. Do you carry a notebook and jot things down as they pop into your head? Or do you write it down all at once?

P.P.S. - when is Dreamdark 3 comeing out?

bed and breakfast in cork said...

I love All the tiny beds and houses.They are so cute.

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