Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fairy Tale [popsicle stick] Theater

Clementine and I made some more popsicle stick puppets (first efforts here). Again, it's C's coloring that makes them awesome. Can you guess who they are?

Beauty and the quite unintimidating Beast!

We've been acting out the scene where they first meet, where she bravely takes her father's place as Beast's prisoner, and in our version, every time Beast roars and growls, Beauty laughs and says what a cute rainbow monster he is, and does he want to play? Which frustrates him exceedingly. Further characters pending :-)

Oh. I set Beauty down on this folder and the adorableness makes me want to do theatrical backdrops too. Ha! Having lots of fun with crafts these days :-)


Kate said...

LOVE them!!! So cute! Her color choices are quite flattering. :) And love you're version of Beauty and the Beast, I would really enjoy watching this puppet show I think. :)
And Beauty does fit nicely with that back drop. Love. :)

Dreamdark girl said...

How old is this kid? She looks about three or four, but I coulden't color that good at that age.

P.S. - when is the next Dreamdark book comeing out? All I need is the year and preferably the month.

Laurence King said...

Yes, I agree, C's coloring skills are amazing for her age. Such precision and color sense...You girls are having too much fun!!!

Amber said...

great, great colors!!!

Amber said...

That is super, super cute! The Fine Arts teacher at my kids school would really love this!


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