Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Work and No Play


So, I was going to just put up an "All work and no play" post a la Shining, but I am not feeling dull, so that wouldn't be right. The above is more accurate. I'm not handling #5 so well right now, but soon. I am on a very tight turnaround for draft 2 of Days of Blood & Starlight, and it sucks because second drafts are my favorite part. It is so exciting for me to have a clean fat printout of a full draft on my desk with a couple of colored pens and pads of post-its beside it. THIS IS THE BEST PART. I have so many ideas for how to take this draft farther than the last, make it closer to what I dreamed this book to be, and tighten, expand, clarify, intensify, all the wonderful things that happen at this stage. Including play. Sigh.

But it sucks not being able to go to bed until you physically can no longer stay awake, no matter what helpful caffeinated beverages you have put into yourself. (I have #6 above down to a science!) I am not my healthiest self right now. No exercise, not enough sleep, no lolling. I haven't even been able to see The Avengers! Appalling :-) I miss normal life. It feels like this has been going on forever. But it will be over soon. 

Deep breath. 

Random niceness, some girls and their friends: 


Artemis Grey said...

Love the pics!

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling tip top physically (isn't it a strange strange balance for those of us who crave both physical activity and solitudy emotional/creative stillness?) but hopefully soon you'll be able to get back into the swing of exercising both brain and brawn :)

Oh, and I have the perfect suggestion for #5... COME PLAY WITH US AT SIRENS!!! And bring Jim, because he spreads cool like Pigpen spreads dirt. And of course bring Clementine!!! Because amazing little fast-growing sprites like her are a huge inspiration for us YA-writing ladies.

Happy writing! And here's to obliterating deadlines!

Kate said...

I really hope the alligator girl didn't get chomped right after that picture. And the bear girl is pretty awesomely gutsy! :)

Alysa Stewart said...

A timely post for me! i've been feeling busy, busy, busy! thanks laini!

June G said...

I know what you mean about not being in the best of health. My thumb joints hurt and I've had to curtail writing. Being on a deadline right now would scare me silly--ouch! You get the best pics...but these are kind of keep some friends that I gave "Daughter" to, as gifts, appraised of your progress on the next book...we're anxiously awaiting it :-)

Charlotte said...

Here's my favorite girl with bear picture for you, by German artist Michael Sowa:

I hope it all goes well!

Jade said...

I like #9 the most! Good luck with draft 2.

LinWash said...

Good luck with that draft. Take care of yourself.
I so want an owl!!!

Kjersten said...

I really like this list, Laini. I have my own list of the ways I work in my studio that helps me push through during tough times. This one is a nice inspiration I think I'll add to that. Also, too, thanks for the girls with their animals.

D.B. Smyth said...

You haven't seen the Avengers?!


J/K. Hope you get the much needed rest soon. I'm SUPER excited for your next book, but not at the expense of your health. Otherwise how am I going to get the third one! lol ;)

Anyway, hope #5 comes sooner than later. *hugs*

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