Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Manic End-Is-Nigh Energy!

Hee hee hee. Clementine's sandwich today. 

When I posted this on Twitter it was suggested that I might be procrastinating but it isn't so! I had gotten home from writing at the cafe, high on a 2200-word morning, and Clementine was still napping. So I cleaned the kitchen and made lunch. Including the above. 

Our friend Chary arrived to hang out with C for the afternoon, and they made SOUP so halleluja there was dinner taken care of, and I wrote another 800 or so words, of which two selected at random are: neuter and apocalypse. Then dinner, then hide-n-seek, during which Jim took the art of the "bad hide" to new highs, then teeth-brushing (Clementine wanted to brush her teeth like "three nice monster sisters"), then bed which involved finishing reading OUR FIRST CHAPTER BOOK. It was Clementine and was Clementine's choice. We didn't expect her to want to keep at it but she loved it and we read several chapters a night and, you guys, she's 2-1/2! Holy attention span!

I'm on such a weird end-is-nigh HIGH right now. I love writing endings. Maybe because I spend so god-awfully long on beginnings, and also middles, and take so much time setting everything up and thinking everything through, my endings (*knock wood* SO FAR) have this momentum that makes them sort of roll downhill gathering speed, three 3000-word days in a row and no anguish or despair in sight. I feel wonderful! 

Or, I WILL feel wonderful once I write this New York Times book review that is due on the same day as MY BOOK. Ha ha! When I got asked to do it, it was sooo exciting, but the timing was so bad I actually wrote a "thank you so much but I can't" response but I could not make myself hit send. It's the New York Times! And it's a book I wanted to read anyway! So. I am going to try to pour some of my manic end-of-book energy into the writing of this book review. I am also going to pour some coffee into it. 

How was your day?



Anonymous said...

Yay for endings! Good luck, Laini. Also, thanks for the reminder of 'bad hide and seek'. We used to play this with my daughter when she was little; 'hiding' behind cushions and small plants and biscuits. So much laughter.

Katie Anderson said...

you're making me feel guilty for not making cute lunches. Lol. But that might be the most adorable sandwich ever.

Also, what are you using to get your photos like that? Is it hipstamatic? They're so retro cute. Nice.

Alysa Stewart said...

woohoo! you can do it! isn't that the best feeling?

jennifer said...

Hurrah for end-of-the-book euphoria! It sounds wonderful and exhausting all at once! My days, unfortunately, consist mostly of attempted exam revision - which, of course, really means reading blogs and procrastinating.

Good luck good luck! xx

Laurence King said...

Oh, that sandwich, Laini!!! How adorable.
I didn't get a 3,000 word day today, but your high energy is rubbing off on me and I am self imposing June as my next drop dead date.
You are so close...write, Laini, write. XO

Erica said...

Yay for endings, but WOW at Miss Clementine...a chapter book?!? How proud you must be! :)

Emily said...

That sandwich is adorable. What is the penguin and what are the feet made out of?

Emily said...

That sandwich is adorable. What is the penguin and what are the feet made out of?

Amanda said...

Great job, Laini! Keep it up! =)

Congrats on CHAPTER BOOKS! Holy attention span, indeed. =) If you're looking for more she might like, The Littles series was my favorite when I was little-bitty. And some of them even seem to be back in print!


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