Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas at Stars

(I kind of want to use that as my Christmas card this year, 
except that I never manage to send Christmas cards. Never mind. Small detail.)

Hi! In my last post I said I had a hankering to hit the antique mall for armloads of vintage mercury ornaments, and I guess I meant it, because we went to Stars this afternoon!

I do love Christmas at the antique mall.

Look at these guys:

I imagine them singing, in super menacing wee psychopath voices, 
"You better watch out/You better not cry." Eek!

More creepiness:


We came home with some ornaments and indulgences, like a couple of new family members; I'll show you later. We also had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Jade Bistro in Sellwood. Vermicelli bowl and Vietnamese meatball sandwich, barbeque pork hum bao (could eat that every day), sesame balls, and because we were celebrating (oh yeah we were!), we had wine and a slice of bright green Vietnamese wedding cake:


It was a very good day. A very very good day :-)


Natalie Zaman said...

Festive festive love love love--and just what I needed to see this AM. Thanks!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Glad you were celebrating - YAY!!!!!

That angel on the tree with the paperclip looks like Clementine. :)

tone almhjell said...

Oh, I totally want to go there! I love American CHristmas trees, they're just so... loaded. And colorful.

Shveta said...

Lisa, I thought so, too!

Laini, yay for celebrating! You certainly do have many joyous things to celebrate in your life. :)

Life is Good(ell) said...

I was already thinking about take-out from Jade tonight- after reading this I won't be able to resist. Everything there is amazing. Have you tried the grilled eggplant with basil sauce? Yum!

And I just can't stop myself from giving unsolicited Sellwood recommendations. The food cart across the street from Jade, Zenbu, has the most incredible szechuan green beans. A few doors down there's a Homestead Supply Store that C would love with goats and chickens.

p.s. I loved the tiny stories!

Liana said...

That black deer (right? It's a deer?) looked to me like a thestral from the Harry Potter just needed wings!

I really like all those sparkly ornaments, by the way! :)

fiona said...

Hey Laini, I saw your latest book in a bookshop yesterday here in Sydney! I hadn't seen one before and, although I knew you would be selling in Australia, was excited for you when I actually saw it on the shelves. I have been lurking around your blog for about a year and have to own up to thinking Clementine is one of the coolest/cutest kid I've ever seen. : )

debsfreckles said...

Whacha celebrating? ;)

Kate said...

Haha! My dad has some of those elf ornaments and puts them on the tree every year! I used to think they were a little weird, and would tell him where to put them, clear back in the branches where you could see them that well, but now I'm used to them and they're pretty visible this year. . . :)

Bets said...

Makes me think of the Jonathan Coulton song "And there's a creepy doll that always follows you..." ;)

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