Monday, January 24, 2011

Eye Candy Breakfast -- er, more like lunch this time

Assorted eye candy gleanings from the inspiration folder this (late) morning. I love this tree-indoors look, plus this winter-white photo is so pretty. It looks like a bare tree in a snowscape. Frosty and dramatic. Driftwood hunt at the coast, anyone? I know the perfect beach :-)

It's a weird day around here. Jim is sick, so the schedule is off, and I have the munchkin all day. Usually on a Monday morning I would suit up with my backpack and toodle down to the cafe to write. Today I couldn't shake the habit, so instead of my computer on my back was Clementine, all bundled up like a sky-blue puff. She got to play with trucks and pet a giant dog. Good morning, and now we're home and she's snoozing. Poor Jim too.

Oh, and my writing cafe has a Monday chocolate chip cookie with drink giveaway, but I did not indulge. Because I am gearing up for Saturday treat with Hoobubby, if rewards are merited again :-) (See last post.) (Also, have you read Room? Saying Saturday treat made me think of Sundaytreat, which creeps me out.)

But back to eye candy. I LOVE this button wall paper from Studio Ditte (they're in Holland, I think). Isn't it sweet? 

I can't see myself actually using wall paper -- isn't it a pain? I don't know. I thought it was only for frumpy old frumps until the movie Amelie. Do you remember her apartment? You know what might be cute? An empty picture frame framing real buttons stuck on the wall. Or is that just a dumb idea? I don't know. Sticking stuff on the wall can be pretty sweet. Look at this Christmas tree from All the Luck in the World. I love this so much, it makes me want to start a wall-tree trinket collection:

(She's got a darling post up right now of random shots around her house. Check it out. She's in Holland too. What's with the Dutch inspiration? :-)

But back to wallpaper. Another one I lovelovelove is this one from Studio Violet:

It also comes as a poster. It's called "Friends of Violet." Isn't it the cutest? 
It makes me want to draw and paint!

More little friends, and here, I'm afraid, I can't find or remember the company or link!

[updated: thanks Aranel13 for the info on TinEye, 
through which she found that this work is by Zoe de Las Cases.]
Not to swipe her idea, but this would be super cute to do with your own photos of your munchkins.

And here. I so want to make one of these for Clementine's second birthday. It's a cake topper. Isn't it awesome? I could see making them as dollhouse dolls too, if you're into that sort of thing :-)

 It's by i make stuff, where I also got the idea for Clementine's first birthday hat.

(bib hand-embroidered by the fabulous Stephanie Perkins, better known for writing wonderful kiss scenes. As well as wonderful entire books wrapped around wonderful kisses!) For fabric, I spent all this time at the fabric store and got something or other, but then ended up just cutting up a table napkin that I liked better!)

Ooh! And how about some wooden spoon friends? I don't remember where I got these guys! What an idea, though. Anything can be art, huh?

That's all the candy for today. Have a lovely Monday!



Anonymous said...

You may find TinEye to be useful. You upload or link to a photo and it searches the internet to find duplicates. I found your unknown designer here: using it. They've got a Firefox plugin I just downloaded to make things easier now. YAY!

Jennifer Morian Frye said...

Do you know the book Spoon, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal? If not, it is adorable, and I highly recommend it. : )

megwrites said...

LOVE the wooden spoons. So cute. And Clementine's birthday hat and bib. Adorable!

Katie Anderson said...

This post was Dee-lish!

Laini Taylor said...

Thank you, Aranel13! I'll update the post :-)

Laini Taylor said...

Hi Jennifer! I want to say that Amy Krouse Rosenthal was one of the speakers at the BEA Children's Book Breakfast in 09, along with Meg Cabot and Julie Andrews! But I haven't read the book. Will check it out!

Megwrites -- I just googled "wooden spoon people" thinking I might find this artist so I could credit them, and ha ha! There are a LOT of wooden spoon people out there in the world. Who knew? :-)

Katie, oh good, and no calories!!

tone almhjell said...

Poor Jim! Tell him hi and that we hope he feels better, and that he probably has one of the hardest working white bloodcells out there - they have to cover so much ground, so they're bound to be fit, right? It's Magnus's turn here - he's out with lots of fever and snot. I think I'd like to return this particular January. Maybe I can get a November on sale.

Love the eye candy, though. Maybe especially the Christmas tree.

Shveta Thakrar said...

*munch, munch, munch* Yummy brunch!

As for wallpaper, I definitely think it depends on what kind and how you do it. I love Victorian-style wallpaper; with all the colors and designs, it reminds me of candy.

I'd love to see what you did, if you ever decided to try it. I bet it would be a beautiful medley of color and surprises, things lots of us would never think of doing, like Clementine's awesome birthday hat. (I want one now!)

Okay, back to work. *sigh*

Camille said...

Your whole blog is eye candy!

persnickety_jen said...

I've stripped a lot of wallpaper in my day, but that button wallpaper makes me wish I had a daughter, so I could make a Coraline-themed room for her! Gorgeous.

And a million thanks to aranel3 for TinEye; I've been trying to find the source of this one photo for eons. You are a rock star!

Laini Taylor said...

Ooh, persnickety_jen, Coraline room! Sounds awesome! I don't know that I'll wallpaper, but I really want to do something with buttons ...

Camille, thank you!

Shveta, weirdly Jim and I are doing a 180 and craving white space. It'll be a while before any actual decorating happens, but I will certainly show the results :-)

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