Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One month till STRANGE: pre-order info!

It's getting real. STRANGE THE DREAMER is getting close! The finished books are in, both the US and UK editions, and they are the most gorgeous books I've ever seen. I mean, look at thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis...

So shiny! It's like a mirror!
And an embossed gold moth under the jacket!

Last week I went to the massive Hachette warehouse in Indiana (where 85 million books live and you have to drive around the huge hangars in carts) and signed some stacks:

And the UK editions, swoon!
I don't have mine yet. I've only seen these pictures:

Here's the signed (printed signature) illustrated title page from the first edition,
which also has blue sprayed pages :

And the back!

And another gold embossed moth!

The Strange the Dreamer shelf in my library is filling up. My heart is full :-)

Oh, and see that one in the middle? FROM THE GREAT LIBRARY OF ZOSMA? That's an awesome ARC wraparound Little Brown made. I'm a complete fool for things that are like artifacts from my fictional worlds. This makes me so happy.

(There are all these myths and stories within stories in Strange, and I want to mock up fake covers for them all and add to this collection :-)

So, preorder campaigns! There are two.


Basically, preorder it wherever you like, and upload your receipt at, and you'll get shwag mailed to you: a signed bookplate (not a printed signature but a unique signature. I still have to sign these! Eep!) plus the first in a collectible set of 4 character decals illustrated by the amazing Lesya BlackBirdInk!

Look at Lazlo. Isn't he beautiful?? 

For the UK edition:

Anyone who preorders the book from a UK bookseller or site will receive the special first print run, which includes the gold foil, the blue sprayed edges, and the illustrated title page. Stores will have these too, until they run out and are replaced by the second print run, which will be less fancy. Go to Hodderscape for more info.

You want the Lazlo decal in the UK too? There will be a drawing for those, which you can enter HERE.

I think that covers everything.

I'm so excited!!

Check back in a couple days for full book tour info
(plus a peek at the 2nd collectible character decal!)


Unknown said...

So excited to receive my preorder! Does that mean FROM THE GREAT LIBRARY OF ZOSMA be released too?!

Marie said...

LOVE!!! I'm so excited!!

Mrs. Peterson aka The Batlady said...

I know Strange the Dreamer just released, but you really left me hanging at the end and I really want to know the rest of the story! When is the second book coming out??

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