Thursday, July 31, 2014

Random Paris

Beautiful Paris. This is an uncurated slew of photos from our May/June trip, mostly not of famous monuments (though a couple sneak in!) I should be putting up pics of Comic Con (which was so much fun!) but this is quick and easy and I need to get photos of my hard drive because my laptop is FULL and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Life can't function if computer can't function. Don't want to go into my technical difficulties (I have a "genius" meeting this afternoon, aren't they so modest?) but I hope to be fully functioning again later today!

Near the Pompidou:

Needs no explanation: 

Puss in Boots at the Tuileries, part of a statue of Charles Perrault:

Tuileries carousel:

* * *

The Latin Quarter

We stayed on a mega-touristy street in the Latin Quarter, but high up on the 7th floor where we couldn't hear the chaos. It was a fantastic location; we could see Notre Dame from our window, and my new favorite monument in Paris, the Fontaine St. Michel, was a block away. It has seraphim and chimaera, guys!

(photo by Clementine :-)

I couldn't pass it without taking pictures. Also mere steps away from our apartment:

I may have bought a book I could easily have gotten in the States, just to get this stamp:

Oh man, this street (Rue St. Jacques), just around the corner from Shakespeare & Company and in sight of Notre Dame. LOVE: 

Wonderful restaurant on Rue St. Jacques, La Fourmi Ailee.

In the window, the eponymous winged ant:

Rue St. Jacques/Rue St. Germain are ground zero for bandes dessines (graphic novels, comic books) stores, like the magnificent Album, which has three locations in the immediate area: 

(Fans of Stephanie Perkins will recognize Album as where Isla and Josh shop for bandes dessines!)

* * *

The menagerie at the Jardin des Plantes (and the whole garden) was lovely. This was the first time we've made it there. So worth it. There's also the Natural History museum and the most unique carousel in Paris.

(the second flamingoes not at the menagerie, ha ha, but in the window of Antoine et Lili)

The famous Dodo carousel:

It's all extinct and endangered animals.

* * *

Les Puces, or the Clingnancourt mega flea market! 
I hadn't been since high school. It's not the place to look for bargains, but it was very picturesque.

This flying saucer in one of the permanent pavilions. 
I want it to fly to my backyard to be my writing studio!

Isn't this table amazing? It can ride back in the flying saucer.

* * *

Another place we made it for the first time: the Canal St. Martin neighborhood, and the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, a bit off the tourist path.

The Guignol at Buttes Chaumont:

Those two tall dads going in, they sat in the front and blocked everyone's view. Tools.

This park, not well known to tourists, is gorgeous. It's got ravines and waterfalls and this temple on an outcropping. Very cool.

And our last night, we thought, well, we might as well see the Eiffel Tower once...
And made it just in time for the lighting.

This carousel, very worth it. 

Oh, Paris.

 More (less random) pics to come.



Unknown said...

Oh wow. Your pictures here (and other posts) are amazing! Even tho there's one little thing... YOU'RE GIVING ME A HORRIBLE TRAVELFEVER!

Jen and Chris said...

More! And More! And More!

Teresa said...

It there is one thing I can count on from a Laini Taylor post, it's drool-worthy photographs! I LOVE random Paris!!

H Bell said...

I was in Paris at the same time, end of May into June. It really is an amazing place. My choir got to sing Sunday mass at Notre Dame. It is a beautiful place!

Laurence King said...

Oh Paris!!! I will be there mid September :-) You just whetted my appetite, Laini. Can't wait. XO

Anonymous said...

This is the one place in Paris which i visit with yellowstone tours from salt lake city. . The power of this place has to be seen to be believed, its like walking back into the 16th century. We walked to the back of the church and just sat there lost in our thoughts. Light a candle and reflect on life and the blessings that you have. My favorite spot in all of Paris and if you get a chance, go for a stroll around the church in the late evening as the sun sets. Unbelievable!

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