Thursday, May 8, 2014

Greetings from London!!

Gosh, have I been gone from the blog for A MONTH?? Eeesh, don't know if I've ever done that before! I didn't manage to keep up while on tour, and now I'm done and the trilogy is complete and in the world and that's that. WHEW!! Thank you for all the awesome comments so belatedly published to the last post (due to spam overload, I recently had to enable comment moderation, and I always forget to check it unless I'm putting up a post!) 

Belated thanks to my awesome publishers, Little Brown and Hodder, for fantastic book tours, and for the wonderful readers who came out. It was so great to meet you all! [Hug.] Once I can gather my wits, I'll do a very late book tour post. It was just too much fun to let it slip past. Thanks to everyone!!!

Anyway, hi from London! We've been having a spectacular time. Man, what a city! The last couple of times I've come over for book events I've only had a couple of days, if that, and it's been maddening not being able to DO THINGS. But this time we gave ourselves time, and it's been a whirl of castles and palaces and museums and guards and beefeaters and plays and shopping :-)

See you soon! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Laini,
I'm not sure if you have time to read these comments but I just want to tell you how much I have loved reading your fabulous books. Thank you for the story, for the amazing writing, and last but not least, thank you for not killing Liraz!
Wishing you all the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Laini,
Just want to let you know how much I have LOVED all three books and the last one was just a perfect ending! Thank you so much,
Looking forward to whatever comes next,

amy said...

Congratulations for Trilogy Completion!!! Now I need to achieve trilogy Reading completion!

Laurence King said...

It was SO wonderful meeting you in Boston! I am still smiling about it :) and I'm glad you have some time now to decompress and feast your eyes on gorgeous palaces and castles and guards ;-) France is next, right? I'm more than halfway done with DoGaM and oh, my Gosh, Laini, words fail's a masterpiece!!
Have a fabulous trip! XO

Laurence King said...

It was SO nice to meet you in person in Boston! I am still smiling about it :-)) I am glad you are able to decompress now and feast your eyes on gorgeous castles and palaces and guards ;-) France is next, right? I am more than halfway into DoGaM and oh my gosh, Laini, words fail's a masterpiece!!
Have a fabulous trip! XO

Amy Silver said...

Hi Laini, I was fortunate enough to meet you in Waterstones Birmingham, I was the one who couldn't eat cake because of a recent tongue piercing and my daughter Natalie said she'd do what Kizzy did...probably I would too. Thank you for your wonderful books. I adore Lips Touch and the art work is amazing. Keep the stories coming - intrigued by the ballerinas

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