Saturday, October 27, 2012


Nine days till

(preorder here or here or here)

There's the first page.*

MEANWHILE. Have you seen Cloud Atlas??!!??!!

Jim and I saw it this evening, and oh my! It was fabulous! I just rewatched this extended trailer and it gave me chills and goose bumps all over again. Go and see it. Tomorrow. It is stunning, moving, exciting, heartbreaking, thrilling. Man, I love it when movies exercise the full power of the medium. And oh, bonus, there are a ton of good trailers, including The Hobbit, Les Mis, Gangster Squad, and The Impossible. So many movies! So many books! Aghhh! How to keep up with all the awesome!?!

*Want the first seven chapters? Available here if you want.


Kate said...

Awesome! LOVE the first page! Can't wait to have the WHOLE book! Eeek! :)
And as well as counting down days to Days of Blood and Starlight, I'm also counting down days to The Hobbit! Hoping to go to a midnight showing, where of course dressing up will be involved! Eeep! Can't wait!
So many goodies being released! Movies! Books! LOVE it!!! :) :) :)

Laini Taylor said...

The Hobbit! I know. *breathe* I don't know about a midnight showing, but the other LOTR movies are the only ones we habitually queued up for on opening day, no exceptions. Can. Not. WAIT.

(I swear: Tom Bombadil is in the trailer! That IS Tom Bombadil, right?)

June G said...

Reading the Arc, now and it's sooo good! Can't wait for the release so I can by copies for friends.

Unknown said...

Oh, gosh, Laini wasn't Cloud Atlas just EVERYTHING?!?!?! I can't decide what my favorite part was, the Scottish bar fight, the oldest storyline, Sonmi's bad assery, every single incarnation of Tom Hanks, at the end where they show who each actor played...

*sigh* I am seeing it again later today and I can't wait!

And of course I can't wait for Days of Blood and Starlight, just like Cloud Atlas I have decided I love it beyond reckoning before I even experience it :D

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