Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paint some stuff

Hi! It's been a long while since I did any kind of "around the homefront" post, so here's a little glimpse of the paint that has been being sprayed around here this summer. There have been many catch-up projects in the works, after a year of frantic deadlineage, and another year of deadlineage imminent. (Deadlineage sounds kind of awful, like ... "dead lineage"? But I only mean ... deadline-franticity. Deadline-terror. Book-finishingness.) Anyway, there were rooms that we never got squared away when we moved last year, and in many cases the way to make them less ugly was simply to paint some furniture and shift it around, and so we've been doing that, and other things.

This tall chair is something Jim picked up at a garage sale a few weeks ago as a great substitute for Clementine's booster seat, which was plastic and ugly and which monopolized a chair so no one else could use it. These metal step-stool chairs from the '50s are great!

But it needed some cuting up. Jim sprayed it first with Rustoleum:

And then, to Clementine's color choice of orange:

The new seat covers are that raincoat fabric that is water resistant on one side, but thin and nice and malleable, with a fabric backing, not think like oil cloth. Don't know what it's called, but it wrapped perfectly around the metal seat parts that screw on and off. LOVE the way it came out! As a bonus, it's also perfect for reaching the high cabinets!

Also in the kitchen, this old hutch which we had painted red years ago, and had grown tired of:

It got a new look in "true turquoise" by Glidden from Home Depot:

The kitchen is still a bit of a work-in-progress, with a table picked up at a barn sale, and the chairs painted white, plus this new magazine rack, since I hate the way magazines stack up on the table:

Pretty ready to be done with projects again for a while. Whew!

Have you been doing any painting this summer?



I love those chairs! I have 4to of them around the house, I am always needing to reach things. I never thought of using raincoat fabric ... that's brilliant!

I started sanding old oak furniture, but haven't got it painted. I think I want to whitewash it so the grain shows a bit.. still on the fence about it.

Great job!

Laurence King said...

LOVE the chair and the hutch and the magazine rack!!!! I'm afraid my painting hasn't been as creative: I just repainted miles of trim and window sills. Amazing what a new coat of paint can do, though.
Thanks for sharing your house projects with us. You always inspire me to tackle on something new like my office chair that is in dire need of a new seat...

Unknown said...

Man, your house must be so colourful and pretty!

In preparation for our first baby, we're turning my old study into the nursery and the spare room into my new study. I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying it. And I got some of those awesome picture rails from Ikea!

June G said...

Love the magazine rack and the chair makeover was cool. The turquoise cabinet rocks! I adore your decorating sensibility. Thanks for the update :-)

tone almhjell said...

Ah, no, due to severe franticity and general lack of colour in my brain. Love YOUR projects, though!

Anonymous said...

You're always so inspiring. Love the white walls and colorful painted furniture. My bedroom and office were painted in spring, and the screened in porch in the back is newly painted in turquoise and blue-inspiration from Marrakech by Design-and I love it! With all the colorful cushions, throw pillows and lanterns, it looks comfortable and exotic. The rest of the house painting is on hold-I want off white and husband wants to repaint the same colors. Grr.

BB LaBoss said...

I love it all! I used the exact same strawberry fabric for my kitchen curtains! Except that it's cotton and not the other kind. It's from the Michael Miller Kitchen Collection-Strawberry Blosssoms Berry, if anyone is interested.

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